Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
A winding wooden boardwalk on the edge of a marshy pond. Pine trees off to the left side of the water.
Ipswich River, Topsfield

Wildlife Sanctuaries & Properties

At our wildlife sanctuaries and partner properties, you can walk along miles of scenic trails, participate in a variety of programs and special events, and get involved in local advocacy efforts. Each season brings unique opportunities to explore nature.

A tall white bird sticks out in a green saltmarsh. A channel of open water cuts through the center of the marsh.
Allens Pond, South Dartmouth

Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

South Dartmouth & Westport
Trails: 7 miles
Trail in a forest at Arcadia
Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary

Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary

Easthampton & Northampton
Trails: 4 miles
White bloom of the rare Franklinia tree
Franklinia Tree Bloom at Ashumet Holly Wildlife Sanctuary, Falmouth

Ashumet Holly Wildlife Sanctuary

East Falmouth
Trails: 1.5 miles
Boadwalk at Attleboro Springs in fall

Attleboro Springs Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 3 miles
Pond at Barnstable Great Marsh

Barnstable Great Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 1.5 miles
Man with a gray Mass Audubon shirt and blue glove holding a raptor.
Blue Hills Trailside Museum, Milton
A boardwalk cutting through tall green shrubs and trees.
Boston Nature Center, Mattapan
Narrow trail through the woods with river on right
Brewster's Woods Wildlife Sanctuary, Concord

Brewster's Woods Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 2 miles
Brook with stones at Broad Meadow Brook
Broad Meadow Brook © Donald Perkins

Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 5 miles
point boardwalk at with marsh and sun setting
Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary, Natick © Sean Seltzer

Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 8 miles
Calm pond reflects the blue sky and surrounding forest.
Burncoat Pond, Spencer

Burncoat Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 2 miles
A bumpy, tree-covered mountain in the background with a fresh cut field and sunflowers in the foreground.
Canoe Meadows, Pittsfield

Canoe Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 3 miles
trees and shrubs in foreground and pond in background
Cedar Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, Wenham

Cedar Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 3 miles
A dirt trail in a green forest.
Conway Hills, Conway

Conway Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 0.75 miles
White waterfall tumbling down a wall of rocks. A green forest is on the other side of the bank.

Cook's Canyon Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 1 mile
Bird observation building with windows on the other side of a lake. A goose swims near the center.
Daniel Webster, Marshfield

Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 3.5 miles
Tall yellow flowers in a green garden with a red barn in the background.
Drumlin Farm, Lincoln

Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 4 miles
view of lake in fall
Eagle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary, Holden

Eagle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 2 miles
red maple leaf over yellow fern

Eastern Point Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 0.5 miles
Up close shot of a white flower with gate in the background
Endicott Wildlife Sanctuary, Wenham

Endicott Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 0.5 miles
View of the pond at Felix Neck
Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, Edgartown

Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 4 miles
Pine forest with rocks and short vegetation on the ground.
Flat Rock, Fitchburg

Flat Rock Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 6 miles
A bee sits on a cluster of yellow flowers.
Graves Farm, Williamsburg

Graves Farm Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 1.5 miles
Square rocks on the bottom left part of the picture, looking out onto a tidal marsh.
Great Neck, Wareham

Great Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 4 miles
People on trail during summer at Habitat
Habitat Education Center, Belmont
View of the valley from the Bluff at High Ledges

High Ledges Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 5 miles
Stone bridge over water with trees in background
Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Topsfield

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 12 miles
Snowy Egret standing on grassy island surrounded by water
Snowy Egret @ Clare Carvel
Wooden birdboxes in an open green meadow, with a forest on the far end.
Lake Wampanoag, Gardner

Lake Wampanoag Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 1 mile
A green pine tree, yellow leaves, and a stream.
Laughing Brook, Hampden

Laughing Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 4 miles
Two hay bales sitting on a green grassland surrounded by fall foliage.
© David Ross

Lime Kiln Farm Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 2 miles
A trail in a forest covered with golden fall foliage.
Lincoln Woods Wildlife Sanctuary, Leominster

Lincoln Woods Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 1 mile
Marsh beach and water  at Long Pasture
Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary, Barnstable © Hong Ren Wang

Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 2.5 miles
A sunset over a meadow and trees.
Lost Farm, Nantucket

Lost Farm Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 5 miles
wide trail with leaves on ground and yellow ferns and foliage
Lynes Woods Wildlife Sanctuary, Westhampton

Lynes Woods Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 1 mile
Building and view of Charles River
Magazine Beach Nature Center, Cambridge
Boardwalk over water and mud leading into a dense forest and shrubby area.
Marblehead Neck, Marblehead

Marblehead Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 0.85 miles
grassy trail in fall
Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, Sharon

Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 20 miles
A wooden boardwalk cuts through green vegetation and trees.
Nahant Thicket, Nahant

Nahant Thicket Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 0.25 miles
A green meadow with short grass surrounded by dark green, full trees.
Nashoba Brook, Westford

Nashoba Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 3.6 miles
Pines and other green trees surround a path leading to a calm pond.

North Hill Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 5 miles
gravel trail through a forest
North River Wildlife Sanctuary, Marshfield

North River Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 2 miles
Narrow trail through a lush green forest
Norwood Mills Wildlife Sanctuary, Rockport

Norwood Mills Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 917 feet (within 2.2 miles of town trail)
view through trees to pond in fall at Oak Knoll
Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary, Attleboro

Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 1.5 miles
Trees in the forefront with a view of the surrounding hills.
Old Baldy, Otis

Old Baldy Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 0.2 miles
Man sitting on a bench looking through binoculars out over a lake
Osgood Hill Partner Property, Andover

Osgood Hill Partner Property

North Andover
Trails: 3.5 miles
A turtle half in the lily-pad filled water and half on a log, sunbathing.
Lincoln Woods, Leominster

Pierpont Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 0.75 miles
Atop a green grassy hill overlooking a forest with water below. Mountains off in the distance.
Pleasant Valley, Lenox © Nicole Marcotte

Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Lenox & Richmond
Trails: 7 miles
White flowers in focus with green forest in background.

Poor Farm Hill Wildlife Sanctuary

New Salem
Trails: 0.94 miles
Flowing water down a cascade of rocks.

Richardson Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 2.5 miles
looking up at the tree canopy in fall -- reds, yellows, oranges, greens
Road's End Wildlife Sanctuary, Worthington

Road's End Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 1 mile
Rocky brook with fallen logs crossing between banks runs in a forest.
Rocky Hill, Groton

Rocky Hill Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 3 miles
Green marshy wetlands with a river running through. On the far side of the marsh is a tall evergreen forest.

Rough Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 1.7 miles
Pond reflects the blue cloudy sky and pine trees surrounding the banks.
© Linda MacMillan

Rutland Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 4 miles
Sandy beach with grass on one side and ocean on the other
Sampsons Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Barnstable
Eastern Towhee on a branch
Eastern Towhee © Scott Kelly

Sesachacha Heathlands Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 5 miles
Pond with cloud reflections and a little fall foliage

Skunknett River Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 1 mile
wood and metal boadwalk over water
Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, Norfolk

Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 2 miles
Aerial view of island - rocky shore, lighthouse, and green center
Straitsmouth Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Rockport © Thacher Island Association

Straitsmouth Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 0.33 miles
A meadow hillside leading to a dark green forest with water in the center.
Tidmarsh, Plymouth

Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 4.5 miles
Meadow at Wachusett Meadow with tree on left and grass trail
Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary, Princeton

Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 12 miles
Waseeka Pond with Tree Fall Foliage and blue sky
Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary, Hopkinton

Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 1 mile
boardwalk trail through a grassy meadow
Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Wellfleet

Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

South Wellfleet
Trails: 5 miles
Green pine trees surround a marshy wetland. White clouds are scattered across a blue sky.

West Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails: 1.3 miles