Two kids running in the snow. We all need nature—and nature needs you. Together, we can protect the wildlife and wild lands of Massachusetts for generations to come. Make a tax-deductible donation today.
Two kids running in the snow. We all need nature—and nature needs you. Together, we can protect the wildlife and wild lands of Massachusetts for generations to come. Make a tax-deductible donation today.

Protecting the nature of Massachusetts for people & wildlife

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Birdhouse in field at sunset

Our Work

Mass Audubon has worked to protect the nature of Massachusetts for people and wildlife for more than 125 years. Today, we're renowned for our land protection and wildlife conservation, successful advocacy, and innovative approaches to connecting people and nature.


  • Horseshoe crab leaving a trail on wet sand
    © Karen Sharman

    A Campaign to Restore Horseshoe Crabs

    We're working to restore Horseshoe Crab populations to healthy levels so they can fulfill their key roles in coastal ecosystems

  • Painting of Concord River
    Summer on Concord River by Barry Van Dusen

    Museum of American Bird Art

    The Museum of American Bird Art at Mass Audubon (MABA) is home to Mass Audubon's extensive art collection. 

  • Campers Running Through Field with Nets

    Summer Day Camps

    It's summer camp registration time! Find a Mass Audubon Camp in your neck of the woods and learn more about our registration schedule.

  • View from Hawes Hill overlooking forest and cloudy skies

    Urgent Land Project: Hawes Hill Conservation Corridor, Barre

    Mass Audubon is collaborating with several partners and landowners to permanently protect 973 acres in the vicinity of Rutland Brook Wildlife Sanctuary. 

  • An owl flying through a forest with a mouse in its beak
    Jenny Zhao

    Rescue Raptors

    Mass Audubon is launching a campaign to reduce the use of rodent poisons across Massachusetts.

  • Hand holding a s'more with sunset in the background

    S’mores & More this Winter

    Embrace the winter while getting cozy by a fire pit with s’mores, star gazing, owl prowls, hikes, and even snow sculptures at S’mores & More events across the state!  

  • Mass Audubon Shop Exterior Photo

    Mass Audubon Shop

    The Mass Audubon Shop is proud to carry a variety of products that help explain, identify, and celebrate the wonders of nature


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We need your curiosity, commitment, and passion to ensure that our lands become more resilient, that more people than ever experience the magic of nature, and that we fight climate change—now and in the future.

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News February 27, 2024

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By the Numbers

With the help of our members and supporters, we protect land, offer nationally recognized education programs, and provide endless opportunities to experience the outdoors.

  • 41,000

    acres of protected land

  • 500,000

    visitors to our wildlife sanctuaries

  • 160,000

    members and supporters

  • Woman with short gray hair, a button up shirt, and gray pants standing against a rock wall.

    In Your Words

    "Volunteer work at Mass Audubon has provided opportunities to meet and work with people from many different backgrounds, to learn botany and ecology, to present at the annual Staff Natural History Conference, to drive a tractor, and to keep physically fit."

    Jeanne Li
  • Woman with short hair smiling at the camera. Green grass and leaves are in the background.

    In Your Words

    “This is a critical moment for our climate, communities, and wildlife that requires us all to work together for our future. I’m excited to bring to it collaborative leadership, optimism, and an instinct for action, along with a deep love of our natural communities here in the state.”

    Jocelyn Forbush
    Chief Conservation Officer, Mass Audubon
  • Man with a hat stands smiling next to a large, camouflaged scope.

    In Your Words

    “Mass Audubon staff members have helped me become more knowledgeable about the natural world, and in turn, I felt the need to do my part in helping to protect wildlife and wild places.” Read more

    Shawn Carey
    Wildlife Photographer, 2022
  • Girl with a purple sweatshirt holds a large vegetable in her hand, moving it from one bucket to another.

    In Your Words

    "Mass Audubon’s Youth Climate Leaders program has provided me and my peers with the tools to help lead the next phase of this fight. Our mission is to help other young leaders recognize that we each have a powerful voice that we can use to spark change.” Read more

    Ollie Perrault
    Youth Climate Leader, 2022
  • © James Deshler

    In Your Words

    "I was fortunate that I could follow my dreams and do what makes me happy. Not everyone has that luxury. We need to ensure that young people can make a living in science and that some of the coolest, weirdest, offbeat people are scientists. It’s not all people in white lab coats spending time indoors." Read more

    Scott Edwards
    Professor and Mass Audubon Board Member
  • Young girl with long blonde hair looking at the camera.

    In Your Words

    “Being a nature preschooler made me the environmentalist I am today, and I could not be more grateful for the chance I was given." Read more

    Phoebe Klein Taylor
    Former nature preschooler now CIT, 2023
  • stephanie kane smiling with a mass audubon hat on

    In Your Words

    "I am grateful for the Mass Audubon team and the Climate Champions community. In this community, each of us is heard, informed, and empowered. We’ve learned from each other’s unique perspective and supported each other as we work toward meaningful solutions." Read more

    Stephanie Kane
    Climate Champion