Drumlin Farm's Strategic Plan

Drumlin Farm's three foundational pillars



DF/2020 Summary 1.87 MB

Drumlin Farm has completed a strategic plan that will help us remain true to our mission as we steer a steady course into the future.

The planning process, which involved both staff and volunteers, allowed us to reflect on the accomplishments of the past several years, and to generate goals to guide our work through the next five years.

We are excited to share the results in our summary report, DF/2020, as well as the full strategic plan.

Our Goals

The strategic plan is based around our triangular foundation of Nature, Farm, and People, and outlines five major goals for the next five years:

  • Bring science to the forefront of environmental education
  • Become an outdoor laboratory for ecological management and monitoring
  • Strengthen visitor experience and engagement
  • Inspire action and develop future leads
  • Increase diversity and inclusion

None of these goals can become a reality without help from you, our Drumlin Farm community. We encourage you to get involved—become a member, join us in a program, or volunteer today!


Any questions about Drumlin Farm's strategic plan can be directed to Renata Pomponi, Sanctuary Director.