Drumlin Farm's Strategic Plan

Drumlin Farm has completed a strategic plan that will help us remain true to our mission as we steer a steady course into the future. The planning process, which involved both staff and volunteers, allowed us to reflect on the accomplishments of the past several years, and to generate goals to guide our work through the next five years. We are excited to share the results in our summary report, Farming Our Future.

The strategic plan is organized around major themes that emerged from many planning discussions. These themes serve as the foundation for the specific goals and initiatives laid out in the plan.

  • Farm/Nature Connection: This is the central theme of all we do at Drumlin Farm. Our unique setting brings together farm and nature in an integrated learning environment. Engaging visitors and program participants in discovering these interdependencies, and sharing the magic and wonder that result, is critical to our role as a working farm, wildlife sanctuary, and environmental education center.
  • Know Your Food: This theme represents our efforts to promote the protection of community farms, eating locally, healthy eating, and sustainable farming practices.
  • Stewardship: We model ways of caring for our natural resources, land, water, air, soil and habitats, flora and fauna that are best practices in the environmental movement.

None of these goals can become a reality without help from you, our Drumlin Farm community. We encourage you to get involved—become a member, join us in a program, or volunteer today!

Questions on Drumlin Farm's strategic plan can be directed to Renata Pomponi, Sanctuary Director.