All Persons Trail at Drumlin Farm

Drumlin Farm is one of 12 Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuaries that features a universally accessible All Persons Trail.

These trails are designed and constructed first to physically meet or exceed Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, and then to incorporate universally designed interpretive features including educational stops, wildlife viewing boardwalks and platforms, picnic and play areas, and navigation resources including audio directions, guide ropes, curbing, and handrails.

Stop by the admissions window in our Nature Center to request free trail information and/or borrow adaptive items to help you connect to nature during your visit. All information and adaptive items are free to borrow. 

We are happy to provide or lend you:

  • Trail guides in large-print or Braille
  • Maps of trails in tactile or large-print format
  • Hands-free binoculars (on a tripod)
  • Audio players pre-loaded with our Audio Tour
  • Walking cane with a small seat

All Persons Trail Segments

Ice Pond Trail

Distance: 350-foot accessible pathway

The Ice Pond Trail section is a woodland walk along the edge of a small pond, running from the parking lot to the admissions window at our Nature Center. This trail provides a quiet spot away from the busier sections of the farm. While the trail does meet ADA guidelines for grade and surfacing, you may find portions to be steep or strenuous. As with all outdoor trails, please watch your step, since surfaces may be wet or slippery at times depending on recent weather conditions.


  • 5-foot wide crushed stone surface
  • A guide rope is provided along the entire Ice Pond trail, attached to the top of a fence
  • Round beads along the rope indicate the location of a narrated stop where you will find a sign within reach with the stop name and number in print and Braille
  • A square bead indicates that there is seating nearby

Farmyard Loop

Distance: 0.4 mile roundtrip trail

This trail takes you from the main entrance at the Drumlin Farm Nature Center, past the wildlife exhibits and the many barns and animals of the farmyard, and back to the Nature Center. Visiting all eleven stops on the Farmyard Loop trail takes about 30 minutes, although you can easily spend one and a half to two hours enjoying the animals and natural habitats along the Farmyard Loop. The trail also includes several optional detours to the wilder areas of the sanctuary, some covering rougher ground, which you are welcome to explore if you choose to.


  • The surface is a combination of nine-foot wide paved walkway and hard-packed road.
  • The path slopes downhill from the Nature Center between markers 8 and 10, with benches available for rest stops at the steepest sections.
  • There is a picnic area after stop 17.

Audio Tour

There is an audio tour for both segments of our All Persons Trail. You can access the audio tour in three ways:

  1. You can call 781-443-7154 on your cell phone (available by phone April–December)
  2. You can borrow an audio player at the Nature Center admission window
  3. You can download the Audio Tour from our website and play it on your personal audio player when you visit

Ice Pond Trail

IP Stop 0 1.90 MB
IP Stop 1 2.67 MB
IP Stop 2 2.57 MB
IP Stop 3 2.16 MB
IP Stop 3 2.16 MB
IP Stop 4 2.66 MB
IP Stop 5 2.18 MB
IP Stop 6 1.93 MB

Farm Yard Loop

FYL Stop 1 1.40 MB
FYL Stop 2 1.96 MB
FYL Stop 3 916.73 kB
FYL Stop 4 2.17 MB
FYL Stop 5 3.63 MB
FYL Stop 6 1.51 MB
FYL Stop 7 1.93 MB
FYL Stop 8 2.08 MB
FYL Stop 9 1.71 MB
FYL Stop 10 1.62 MB
FYL Stop 11 1.65 MB
FYL Stop 12 1.70 MB