Green Features at Wellfleet Bay

Exterior of WB Nature Center showing garden & solar panels

In 2008, Wellfleet Bay’s Nature Center was awarded a Platinum LEED rating from the US Green Building Council, its highest rating. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a system that provides voluntary standards for green buildings.

As of 2021, the Nature Center has achieved carbon neutrality and near net-zero energy consumption. To achieve this, Wellfleet Bay features the following green technology and sustainable building features:

Conserving Energy

  • Additional insulation has been installed and the residential buildings have been airsealed
  • All CFL light bulbs and fluorescent light tubes have been replaced with LEDs
  • Refrigerators have been replaced with EnergyStar models
  • Computer monitors replaced with energy efficient monitors
  • Xcelerator electric hand dryers installed
  • Programmable thermostats installed
  • Electric-powered property management equipment purchased and in use
  • Recycling program

Buying Electricity Generated from Renewable Sources

  • 100% green electricity purchased from Green Energy Consumers Alliance (New England Wind product) for all electricity not produced on site

Generating Renewable Energy

  • Photovoltaic arrays: Our 6 arrays (2 ground-mounted and 4 rooftop) generate a total of nearly 115 kW.
  • Solar thermal systems installed to meet all hot water needs

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

  • Two Level 2 J1772 connector plugs that are compatible with all makes and models of EV (Tesla owners may need to use an adapter to connect their vehicle).
  • Each plug provides about 25 miles for every hour of charging time
  • ChargePoint Network
  • $0.28 per kWh

Building Green Buildings

  • Nature Center awarded LEED Platinum designation in 2008
  • Energy recovery ventilators
  • Day-lighting
  • Fly ash concrete in foundation
  • High performance building envelope
  • High performance, argon filled windows
  • Low  volatile organic compounds (VOC) materials
  • Occupancy sensor controlled lighting
  • Recycled and recyclable construction materials in renovation and new addition
  • Heating and cooling system replaced by a more efficient air-to-air heat exchange system

Replacing Vehicles

  • Toyota Prius hybrid purchased 
  • All-electric Chevy Bolt purchased

Conserving Water

  • 8 composting toilets, each of which saves on average more than 20,000 gallons of water a year
  • Gray-water garden
  • Rainwater collection system
  • Low-flow showerheads installed
  • Energy-efficient dishwasher installed
  • Energy Star and WaterSense washing machine installed
  • Water bottle filling stations installed

Enhancing Energy Education

  • Green building tour and brochure
  • Interpretation of energy and water conservation features and photovoltaic array
  • Photovoltaic array electricity production on internet in real-time (currently offline and being upgraded)