Trails at Pleasant Valley

Yokun Trail sign in early fall at Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary © Cristina Cacciatore
© Cristina Cacciatore

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At Pleasant Valley in Lenox, seven miles of well-marked walking trails include boardwalks, loop trails, and scenic views to explore.

All Persons Trail/Pike's Pond Trail

A mostly flat and easy 20-30 minute walk (less than one mile) around Pike’s Pond; usually a good place to observe beavers at dusk.

Yokun/Beaver Lodge Trails Loop

An easy one hour walk (1.5 miles) offering views of the northern beaver ponds and the Lenox Mountain ridge. Great for birding.

Trail of the Ledges/Overbrook Loop

An 850 vertical foot strenuous hike (2 hours and 3 miles round-trip) to the top of Lenox Mountain (2,126 ft. elev.) Enjoy the vista of Mount Greylock to the north, the Taconic Range to the west, and the Catskill Mountains of New York to the southwest. Caution—due to steep slopes and possible slippery conditions, Trail of the Ledges should only be hiked up, not down.