Drumlin Farm Camp | Testimonials

Drumlin adventure campers at summit of hike

Summer 2016 Testimonials 

The following testimonials were submitted anonymously via our end-of-season camp family evaluation during the summer of 2016.

Drumlin Farm camps have totally changed my son's understanding of nature and conservation and has left him wanting to come back as often as he can. Thank you!!!

My son had a wonderful time! Every night he would amaze us with a new fact that he learned about the day's animal. He also taught us a new song that he learned at camp. Finally, I was very impressed with the staff. Every day when I picked up my son they would tell me what they did and what he seemed to enjoy. It was apparent that they paid close attention to the kids in the group and got to know them very well on a personal/individual level.

My son especially loved the cooking activities. It made him more aware of where his food comes from! Also, he tried new foods and we have continued making these at home!

Our son was nervous about going to camp and he came home the first day saying he loved it and he was going back next year. He learned something every day and didn't complain about anything. We were so happy with the level of knowledge and supervision that the counselors provided. We also loved the family night! We had a completely positive experience and are very grateful.

Counselors were very friendly and welcoming/engaging. They seemed to really know how to work with young children and were helpful on days that my daughter didn't want me to leave.

My son had an absolutely AMAZING experience. His counselors were incredible. He came home every night excited and wanting to share his experiences, like nothing we've ever seen before from him after a camp. Thank You!

Drumlin Farm Camp is truly a special experience. I could not imagine something better for a young child who loves the outdoors and animals.

This was an excellent program for my sons. So thoughtfully planned with extended time for exploration and play. Just what young children need. Thank you!

We love the counselors, CITs, helping Blue Heron Farm—the overnight was well-organized and very fun. You continue to find rock-star staff who not only educate the campers but find ways to have fun (and keep them cool on 95-degree days!).

I really feel like Drumlin does an exceptional job with my daughter's special needs. She had an amazing time at camp this year, and I know the staff were a large part of that.

Drumlin Farm Camp is a highlight of our summer. The staff and counselors are fun, great teachers, and helpful. The setting is a big draw, to be able to work on the farm is an exceptional experience. I'm glad my child can learn animal caretaking and the importance of farm work.

My kids have done Drumlin Farm Camp for the past nine years, and they have always been good but this session was truly outstanding. The model of taking kids to different natural environments on day trips and then capping it off with a White Mountains multi-day trip was phenomenal. Our son looked forward to this camp session for many months and it did not disappoint. After we got him back, it was a joy listening to him relate his White Mountains experiences. As he told his stories, his eyes kept light up, and getting bigger and bigger. In fact, he may not have been this excited about anything since he was a toddler! I also think the Adventurers counselors were exceptional. As I listened to our son talk about the many roles they fulfilled and what they accomplished with a pack of 12- and 13-year-olds, I was enormously impressed. Kudos to all and thanks so much!

Our son came home this year filled with all kinds of great information about the environment and suggested simple things we could do at home to make a difference. Although we try and teach these notions at home, anything coming from the counselors has a BIG impact.

Drumlin Farm Camp is exceptional in that it provides a true summer experience. Campers feel free, independent, heard, and valued as world citizens. Staff is superb. Weekly rates are appropriate and provide true and lasting value.

You do a great job coming up with new, interesting, and exciting camp options for kids as they get older. We're already talking about which camp my son might want to do next year!