Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Tall yellow flowers in a green garden with a red barn in the background.
Drumlin Farm, Lincoln

Drumlin Farm Camp Programs & Pricing

Below are the available camp programs and session dates for Drumlin Farm Camp. The online program catalog contains complete information about our camp, including full session descriptions, weekly themes, and pricing.

To see an at-a-glance calendar of Drumlin Farm camp programs and session dates for next summer, download the file below.

Registration for Drumlin Farm Camp opens on Wednesday, January 31, 2024 at 6:00 am. Registration by phone and customer support will not be available until regular business hours. To ensure that as many children as possible are able to participate in camp, families may register each camper for no more than four weeks per camper (except for teen programs and Rainbow Camp).

  • Two campers at Drumlin Farm Camp with their arms outstretched, wearing brightly colored butterfly wings
    Drumlin Farm Camp, Lincoln
  • Drumlin Farm campers using long-handled dip nets to look for wildlife in a pond with a layer of green algae on top
    Drumlin Farm Camp, Lincoln
  • A counselor at Drumlin Farm Camp holds a magnifying bug catcher for a camper who is peering inside
    Drumlin Farm Camp, Lincoln
  • A camper in Drumlin Farm Camp's Farm Trekkers program crouching in a field, smiling and holding up a handful of weeds they just pulled
    Drumlin Farm Camp, Lincoln
  • A Drumlin Farm Camp counselor with arms around two campers, smiling for the camera with green trees in the background
    Drumlin Farm Camp, Lincoln
  • A group of Counselors-in-training (CITs) at Drumlin Farm Camp posing in the garden
    Drumlin Farm Camp, Lincoln
  • Campers in the Naturalists age group (age 8) pulling weeds in a field during an all-camp Weed-out
    Drumlin Farm Camp, Lincoln
  • At Drumlin Farm Camp, campers in the Farmers age group petting sheep inside the Crossroads Barn
    Drumlin Farm Camp, Lincoln

Two-week Farm & Nature Camps

Monday–Friday • 8:30 am–3:00 pm
Sessions: July 1–12 (no camp July 4), July 15–26, July 29–August 9

Explore Drumlin Farm’s wild habitats and farm and the connections between them through hands-on, age-appropriate activities like gardening and farm chores, as well as outdoor exploration, nature walks, games, and reflection time. Each day centers on a different nature or farm animal theme.

Younger Age Groups

Explore farm, field, forest, and pond as you discover the secrets of the sanctuary. Help our farmers out with chores and practice your naturalist skills in Drumlin Farm's diverse habitats.

Seekers • Ages 4–5 (Entering Pre-K–K)

Campers must be age 4 by June 1
Camper-to-Counselor ratio 1:5

See available sessions for Seekers

Discoverers • Ages 5–6 (Entering K–Grade 1)

Camper-to-Counselor ratio 1:5

See available sessions for Discoverers

Trackers • Age 6 (Entering Grade 1)

Camper-to-Counselor ratio 1:5

See available sessions for Trackers

Explorers • Age 7 (Entering Grade 2)

Camper-to-Counselor ratio 1:7

See available sessions for Explorers

Naturalists • Age 8 (Entering Grade 3)

Camper-to-Counselor ratio 1:7

See available sessions for Naturalists

Older Age Groups

Farmers • Age 9 (Entering Grade 4)

Camper-to-Counselor ratio 1:7

Experience life on the farm as you care for the animals (cows, goats, sheep, and more), harvest crops, tend the garden, and learn about the journey food takes as it travels from the farm to our tables.

See available sessions for Farmers

Biologists • Ages 9–10 (Entering Grades 4–5)

Camper-to-Counselor ratio 1:8

Be a Drumlin Farm scientist as you catch wild specimens in our fields and ponds, perform experiments to enhance your understanding of the natural world, and discover the natural history of Drumlin Farm. This program focuses on nature and science rather than farm activities.

See available sessions for Biologists

Stewards • Ages 10–11 (Entering Grades 5–6)

Camper-to-Counselor ratio 1:8

Explore our fields and forests as people did hundreds of years ago. Learn about how our interdependent relationship with the land has changed over time and across cultures through historical tools, land stewardship projects, and wildlife observation. End the session with an overnight campout at Drumlin Farm.

See available sessions for Stewards

Apprentices • Ages 11–13 (Entering Grades 6–8)

Camper-to-Counselor ratio 1:8

Get hands-on with the farming practices and natural habitats of Drumlin Farm. Discover why sustainable, locally grown food is important to a healthy ecosystem and how organic farms rely on natural cycles to produce food. End the session with an overnight campout on the drumlin.

See available sessions for Apprentices

Environmental Leadership for Teens • Ages 12–15 (Entering Grades 7–10)

Two-week sessions: July 1–12 and July 29–August 9
Camper-to Counselor ratio 1:8

Jump-start your climate activism skills in this two-week environmental leadership camp. Alongside your peers, get your hands dirty as you explore how ecosystems are adapting to a changing climate and how different types of agriculture impact humans and the environment. Learn how to identify areas that are vulnerable to the effects of climate change, locate community resources to address those vulnerabilities, and become an advocate for climate justice. 

You'll participate in service projects around the sanctuary, and see what climate action looks like at Mass Audubon. At the end of the session, we'll help you set goals and share resources so you can take on a climate action project in your community.

This program will run during Session 1 (July 1–12) and Session 3 (July 19–August 9) only

See available sessions for ELT

One-week Nature Camps

Curiosity Club

Ages 4–6 (Entering Pre-K–Grade 1) • Campers must be age 4 by June 1
8:45 am–3:00 pm • Themed weekly sessions from July 1–August 16 (no camp July 4)
Camper-to-Counselor ratio 1:5

Learn, laugh, and connect with nature and other campers! This program nurtures our youngest campers through play, discovery, and sensory exploration. Weekly themes provide structure for investigations while games, crafts, and animal ambassador visits develop connections that last a lifetime.

This program takes place at our preschool building around the corner from Drumlin Farm and will have limited to no time on the farmyard. Campers must be at least age 4 by June 1.

See available sessions for Curiosity Club

Nature Builders

Ages 7–8 (Entering Grades 2–3)
8:30 am–3:00 pm • Themed weekly sessions July 1–August 16 (no camp July 4)
Camper-to-Counselor ratio 1:7

Grab your nature journal, sharpen your senses, and get ready to explore how nature has influenced human design. Each week, visit habitats, test theories, and run hands-on experiments to uncover how the natural world is built. At the week's end, share an experiment or creation of your own with your fellow campers at the Nature Builder's Invention Convention.

This program focuses on STEM learning and campers will have limited or no time on the farmyard.

See available sessions for Nature Builders

One-week Farm Camps

Farmyard Frolics

Ages 4–13 (Entering Pre-K–Grade 8) • Campers must be age 4 by June 1
8:30 am–3:00 pm • June 24–28, August 12–16, August 19–23

Dig into the dirt and experience the life of a farmer during this exciting week of hands-on farm activities! Each day will focus on a different farm animal. Meet our livestock, learn about their different roles on the farm, and complete farm chores. Along the way, sing songs, play games, and make crafts.

See available sessions for Farmyard Frolics

Farm Trekkers

Ages 9–11 (Entering Grades 4–6)
8:30 am–3:00 pm • weekly sessions June 24–August 2 (no camp July 4)
Counselor-to-camper ratio: 1:5

Farm Trekkers is a partnership between camp programs at the Boston Nature Center in Mattapan and Drumlin Farm. Each week, the program will bring together 10 Boston-area and 10 Lincoln-area children for a camp experience focused around food and farming. Care for the farm animals (cows, sheep, goats, and more), explore Drumlin Farm and the Boston Nature Center, work in the crop fields and gardens, and taste food you've gathered together. Campers will visit Boston Nature Center on Tuesday and take a field trip to a Boston-based organization on Thursday. Transportation will be provided.

See available sessions for Farm Trekkers

Teen Farm Hands

Ages 12–15 (Entering Grades 7–10)
8:30 am–3:00 pm • July 15–19, July 22–26

Learn what it takes to be a livestock hand at Drumlin Farm! Working with our livestock team, you may help out with daily farm chores, animal health checks, and ongoing projects. Explore the preparation process of farm products like wool yarn, honey or soap, and discover what you can create in the kitchen with farm-fresh ingredients.

See available sessions for Teen Farm Hands

Extended-Day Option

Pre-registration is required for extended day programming; you may add this option at checkout when you register your child for camp or call later to add to your camper's session. Sliding scale pricing also applies to extended-day programming.

After Camp Program

3:00–5:30 pm • Ages 4–14
Available June 24–August 16 (not available August 19–23)
Weekly rate: $259 ($207 for week of July 4)

Three-Day Mini-Camp

Rainbow Camp 🌈

Ages 10-13 (Entering Grades 5-8)
8:30 am–3:00 pm • August 20–22

Be your most authentic self and celebrate queerness in nature! In this affinity group mini-camp, campers who identify as LGBTQIA2S+ will explore the world around them, discover local flora and fauna, and engage their creativity in nature-themed projects, all while connecting with peers and staff who share their identities.

Please note that After Camp options are not available for this session.

See available sessions for Rainbow Camp


Ages 14–17 (Entering Grades 9–12)
8:30 am–3:00 pm • Two-week sessions from July 1–August 23 (no camp July 4)

Develop your leadership skills by working alongside Drumlin Farm Camp counselors to share your love and knowledge of nature with younger campers. Each camp session, you’ll be assigned an age group to work with for the full two weeks, enabling you to develop bonds with campers as you assist with programming. 

The initial application deadline is March 1. After that point, we will take new applications on a rolling basis if spaces are still available. CIT hours may be eligible for volunteer hours depending on town/school. 

There is no cost to being a CIT, though for new CITs or returning CITs with only 1 year experience, a two-day training ($225) is required. This program is offered free of charge—participants are welcome to make a donation to help us keep this program free.

Apply to be a CIT

2024 Camp Session Pricing

Mass Audubon is committed to ensuring that every family that wants their child to experience summer camp should have the opportunity to do so. A sliding scale model helps us work toward that goal through an easy and dependable process for families. With the sliding scale structure, every family enrolls for camp at a tuition rate based on their annual gross income and size of family.

Mass Audubon Membership

Registering for camp is one of the many benefits of Mass Audubon membership. In order to register for camp, your membership must be current through the end of your camper's last session; if you need to purchase or renew your membership, you should do so as part of your camp registration transaction.

All camp families registering at Tiers 1–3 will receive a free one-year Family membership (new or renewal), thanks to the generosity of members at the Protector level and higher who chose to donate their free gift membership benefit.

Review Sliding Scale Tiers

Prior to Registration

To make sure you’re prepared to register for camp, please read our registration instructions and camp policies, which include changes to pricing and membership.