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Many of our counselors are camp alumni. There is a real love of our sanctuary and a unilateral recognition that it is a truly special place. We believe that our tight-knit staff community creates a more cohesive and enjoyable experience for our campers; it’s easier to pass on a smile when you have one yourself.

Staff Selection Criteria

We hire dedicated and mature educators, naturalists and college students who are looking for more than a summer job. They have experience working with youth, a knowledge of and connection with natural history and farming, and a deep commitment to sharing that connection with children. Most of all, they want to be outside and enjoy a summer dedicated to having fun.

From day one of our intensive two-week staff training, we seek to foster a unique sense of community and drive among our counselors. We empower them to create their own curriculums within our camp’s structure. Each counselor brings something new and unique to the table every summer and by fostering those differences and fresh ideas we enrich our camp every single year.

Our counselors are trained in child development and supervision, health and safety procedures, behavior management techniques, natural history information, farm animal training, and environmental education. They are all CPR and First Aid certified and have been background and reference checked. In addition, we have an onsite licensed nurse, access to an on-call doctor, and local EMS services just a half-mile away.

Our staff strive to keep campers happy, healthy, and safe. We’re confident their passionate makes Drumlin Farm Camp one of the best summer experiences available to kids.

Assistant Camp Director—Zach d’Arbeloff

Zach d’Arbeloff

Zach started as a Drumlin Farm Camp counselor in 2009. Since then, he has graduated college, moved to Idaho and back, gotten married, and adopted a kitten, but he couldn’t manage to leave Drumlin Farm. Zach is a graduate of St. Lawrence University and has a passion for agricultural education. After camp, he likes to play basketball and ultimate frisbee.

What Others are Saying . . .

“You continue to find rock-star staff who not only educate the campers but find ways to have fun (and keep them cool on 95-degree days!)”—Camp Parent