Drumlin Farm Camp—Assabet River Program Descriptions & Hours

Campers at Assabet River

Assabet River Camp

at Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge, Sudbury

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At picturesque Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge in Sudbury, campers ages 7–10 will explore the habitats and history of the 3.5-square mile sanctuary. Through 3-day theme camps designed around specific topics, campers will get a sense of the natural and human history of the area while exploring the trails and wetlands that populate the Refuge. There will be unique opportunities to work with the US Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists that conduct research and conservation projects on the refuge, as well as to explore a pristine and protected piece of wilderness.

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Camp Hours

  • Tuesday–Thursday
  • Full Day: 8:30 am–3 pm

Three-Day Theme Camps (entering grades 2–5)

Wild Wetlands
June 27–19
Wetlands support an abundance of life. Explore the vernal pools and the forest floor for animals like dragonflies, wood frogs, and spotted salamanders. Learn about water quality using a chemical test kit and determine the health of Assabet’s habitats. Paddle around the pond by canoe and try to catch the big one while fishing.

Fabulous Forests
July 5–7
What better place to spend a summer day than under the forest canopy? Learn about the levels of the forest from the creatures in the soil to the birds on the tops of the trees. Explore why trees are so important and learn to identify trees by their leaf shape. Build mouse houses and create arts and crafts projects using natural objects.

Amphibious Explorers
July 11–13
Meet the creatures that inhabit the water’s edge! Discover the unique lifecycles of frogs, turtles, and salamanders and how they depend on both land and water. Work with a wildlife biologist to protect the Blanding’s turtle, search for salamanders and frogs, and have a visit from one of Assabet’s major predators!

Time Travelers
July 18–20
Explore the land of Assabet past! The history of this wildlife refuge includes native people, colonial farmland, a military installation, and a wildlife refuge. Use a compass to travel the woods, explore the bunkers that time left behind, learn a traditional Native American craft, and practice living like a colonial settler!

Refuge Biologists
July 25–27
Become a junior biologist! Spend your day working alongside the scientists at Assabet River. Discover how to protect habitats, monitor animals, and keep the refuge safe and clean. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the biologists that spend every day in the field as you help protect Massachusetts ecosystems.

Animal Architects
August 1–3
Humans build houses, ants build tunnels and birds build nests. Beavers construct dams that change an entire ecosystem. Search for signs of these builders and find out how their constructions help them to survive and reproduce. Get inspired by these animal architects and try your hand at building a muskrat lodge or a songbird nest.

Night Explorers
August 8–10
Experience what happens when the sun goes down. Take a unique look at the natural world after other day camps end. Witness the feeding time of many animals, watch the sky for bats and listen for the calls of owls. Learn the basics of astronomy and practice your nocturnal hunting skills. This camp runs from 3–9 PM.

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