Drumlin Farm Camp | Assabet River Program Descriptions & Hours

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Assabet River Camp

at Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge, Sudbury

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These five-day, nature-focused sessions for campers entering grades 2–5 offer a unique behind-the-scenes look at Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge. Explore the refuge while learning from Drumlin Farm staff, and get a close look at endangered species and conservation efforts.

Each week’s activities include fishing, archery, and canoeing. 

Camp Hours

  • Monday–Friday
  • Full Day: 8:30 am–3:00 pm

One-Week Camps (entering grades 2–5)

Assabet Explorers
June 25–29
Grab your boots and paddle and hit the trail! Travel along Assabet’s woods and waterways as you explore all 2,300 acres of the refuge. Discover the diverse plants and wildlife of its many habitats and learn how the landscape changed through history. Search for old homesteads and tour the military bunkers. All weeks include fishing, archery, and canoeing. 

July 2–6
Beavers build dams, birds build nests, and foxes dig burrows. Search Assabet for signs of nature’s engineers and learn how humans have copied animals’ techniques in our own building. Put that knowledge to the test by building your own structures to survive the elements. Discover your inner eco-engineer! Please note: there is no camp on July 4; price is prorated. All weeks include fishing, archery, and canoeing. 

CSI: Critter Scene Investigation
July 9–13
It’s nature’s whodunit! Wherever animals go, they leave traces of their travel. Investigate fields, forests, and wetlands to find clues left behind by animals. What do they mean? Solve the case as a Critter Scene Investigator! All weeks include fishing, archery, and canoeing. 

Survival Skills
July 16–20
Put your survival skills to the test! Trek across Assabet as you learn to use a compass, read a map, build a shelter, tie knots, and cook using a solar oven. Put it all together to complete a survival scavenger hunt through the woods! All weeks include fishing, archery, and canoeing. 

July 23–27
Raptors rule the sky! Learn about unique adaptations that put hawks, eagles, owls, and falcons at the top of the aerial food chain. Investigate wings and feathers, watch the sky for local hunters, and get to know the birds of prey up close. All weeks include fishing, archery, and canoeing. 

Wild Wetlands
July 30–August 3
From fish to larvae, frogs, and turtles, wetlands support an abundance of life. Explore the vernal pools and forest floor for interesting animals, like dragonflies, wood frogs, and spotted salamanders. Use a chemical test kit to learn about water quality, dip nets in the pond, fish, and get a close-up view of the water from your canoe.  All weeks include fishing, archery, and canoeing. 

Geology Rocks
August 6–10
Ever wonder why some rocks have striped patterns and others sparkle? Want to learn about how the New England landscape was shaped by tectonic plates moving, magma, and glaciers? Grow a crystal, make a fossil, build a volcano, and become a rock expert. This is our planet—don’t take it for granite!  All weeks include fishing, archery, and canoeing. 

Overnight Camp at Wildwood

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What Others Are Saying . . .

“Assabet River Camps are just about perfect from my grandson's point of view. A second highly successful year.” –2017 Camper Grandparent