Green Features at Broadmoor

Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary is doing its part to leave a lighter footprint on the environment. Buildings are now net zero for energy production and use. In fact, excess electricity generated at Broadmoor is used at our headquarters through net metering.

Conserving Energy

  • Energy and lighting audits completed and recommendations implemented
  • All incandescent light bulbs have been replaced with LEDs and compact fluorescents
  • Refrigerator is an EnergyStar model
  • Replaced computer monitors with energy efficient monitors
  • EnergyStar appliances installed
  • Lighting audit performed and replacement of fluorescent tube lighting with LED tube lighting is pending

Electricity Generated from Renewable Sources

  • 100% of electricity used is produced on site

Generating Renewable Energy

  • Photovoltaic arrays (22.2 kW in three roof mounted systems) installed and producing more electricity than used on site

Building Green Buildings

  • Re-use of historic barn structure
  • New high-efficiency heat pump HVAC system
  • Sunspace provides solar-heated air to lower level program space
  • Super-insulated building shell
  • Energy recovery ventilators
  • Extensive day-lighting, including light shelves

Conserving Water

  • 4 composting toilets and 1 low-flow toilet installed
  • Rainwater collection system
  • Water bottle filling station installed to reduce the use of plastic water bottles
  • EnergyStar/WaterSense dishwasher installed

Enhancing Energy Education

  • Interpretation of energy and water conservation features and photovoltaic array is available at the visitor desk
  • Guided group tours of the nature center are available through our public program coordinator