Wildlife Guardians Progam at Blue Hills

American Kestrel (Photo: Norman Smith)
American Kestrel (Photo: Norman Smith)

Blue Hills Trailside Museum is home to many native animals that are unable to survive in the wild due to injury or parental loss. We use these native wild animals in programs and event which teach people about the natural world. As a member of our Wildlife Guardians program, you can help support the sanctuary and our environmental education programs.

The animals at the Trailside Museum have an important job in helping us to achieve our mission of promoting awareness; appreciation and active concern for our environment among people of all ages; and providing enjoyable, affordable, environmental education by drawing on the natural resources of the Blue Hills Reservation and beyond.

Join the Program

Supporting our symbolic "adoption" program makes a great gift for someone you love, and a great gift for an animal you care about. All donations are tax deductible.

All Guardians receive a personalized letter and a photo of the animal they have chosen to symbolically "adopt." This letter will include information about the animal species and how they came to be at Trailside.

Learn more about this program and how you can make a difference!