Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
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Blue Hills Trailside Museum, Milton

Blue Hills Trailside Museum Welcomes Another Otter

March 04, 2024

We have an exciting addition to the Blue Hills Trailside Museum! Everyone, please welcome Ginger the North American River Otter.  

Ginger the North American River Otter peeking out from the water's surface

Meet Our New Otter, Ginger 

Ginger was born in February of 2022 at Stone Zoo as part of their Species Survival Plan, which is aimed at managing and conserving typically threatened or endangered animal populations. Thanks to our partnership with the Stone Zoo, Ginger is moving to Blue Hills, where she'll be a permanent addition to our wildlife education team. 

Ginger Joins Blue Hill’s Resident Otter 

Ginger is quite spry compared to our older otter, fondly still referred to as “Otter”. Otter, who turned 18 years old on March 1, is still happy and healthy. Since she imprinted on people as a baby, Otter has never been inclined to cohabitate with other otters despite many attempts. Due to this, Ginger and Otter, will take turns out on exhibit. 

When you come visit, you may be able to identify which otter is out for the day as the two otters have slightly different behavior in how they interact with the elements in their space.  

Otter, a North American River Otter, backflipping into the water off a rock wall

For example, Otter loves to swim up and flip off the wall while Ginger tends to do lots of twirls under the water’s surface and play in the waterfall. Ginger also currently has a little shaved area on her rear end, which makes her easily identifiable. 

Visit Blue Hill's Otters

Visit Blue Hills Trailside Museum and see Otter or Ginger in their exhibit to learn more about the important role otters play in Massachusetts. 

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