Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries. New Individual and Family memberships are just $35! Start your membership
Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries. New Individual and Family memberships are just $35! Start your membership
Looking back at the Wildwood waterfront and dining hall from across Hubbard Pond
Wildwood Camp, Rindge, NH

Environmental Leadership Program

Nature needs the next generation of environmental leaders to be ready. The goal of our Environmental Leadership Program is to equip and encourage teens to be effective environmental advocates and conservation leaders in their homes and communities. 

Each teen will learn more about how humans interact with and impact the environment while developing a strong connection to nature. They will be given opportunities to practice leadership—through teaching, service, outdoor adventure, and more—among their peers and younger campers. 

Each group of participants will also focus on an environmental or conservation topic and how they can apply their leadership skills to make a positive impact on the world.

ELP Options

Year 1: For ages 15–16

First-year ELPs participate in team-building activities, an environmental service project, and act as leaders and role models for their peers and younger campers. 

With the support and guidance of Wildwood staff, participants lead their peers in a program of their own creation. Off-site community service provides an opportunity to serve and connect with communities beyond Wildwood.

Year 2: For ages 16–17

During their second summer, participants will dive deeper into the concepts of leadership, putting their skills into practice throughout the Wildwood program and beyond. 

Teens will leave with knowledge and experience in goal-based leadership and acting as positive role models in their various communities. This session gives participants skills to build on for years to come—at home, at school, and beyond.

Second-year ELPs are selected by application and interview. Contact the Wildwood office at 866-627-2267 or email us for more information.

Program Details

Leadership and Service

ELPs practice their skills by helping counselors and camp staff plan and lead camp activities and serving as role models for the entire camp community. ELPs may also meet members of the Rindge community, visit other Mass Audubon sites, and explore new habitats.

Service Projects

ELPs will make a positive contribution to a natural area of their choosing and gain knowledge needed to identify environmental issues. Past service projects include roadside cleanup, creating interpretive signs along camp trails, and trail maintenance. 

We are happy to document volunteer service hours as requested for high school graduation requirements. You may bring forms with you to camp or contact the Wildwood office after camp.


ELPs live in the Goodall Unit, a group of four yurts: two for boys and two for girls. A facilitator lives in each yurt with a group of ELPs. 

Here they can rest, relax, and share stories in a comfortable environment featuring picnic tables, benches, and a stone fire ring that was designed and built by a previous ELP group.

  • Counselor and camper sitting in hammock
  • Rows of campers are seated in the outdoor amphitheater at Wildwood Camp at dusk, watching a counselor with a guitar play on the wooden stage, surrounded by lit Tiki torches.
    Wildwood Camp's outdoor amphitheater
  • A group of Wildwood's Environmental Leadership Teens lead a camp song outside the dining hall; a Progress Pride flag flies in the foreground.
    Wildwood's Environmental Leadership Teens leading a camp song
  • beds inside a yurt
    Yurt at Wildwood Overnight Camp

Counselors-in-Training (CIT) program

In addition to ELP, teens ages 16–17 can participate in the Counselors-in-Training (CIT) program, which helps teens develop leadership skills, learn how to work with children, and share their love and knowledge of nature with younger campers.

The summer starts with a one-week training program before moving into cabins with the campers. Daily meetings will give CITs a chance to build community, share experiences, develop job skills, and gain the knowledge and experience to begin the transition from camper to counselor.

CITs are selected by application and interview. Contact the Wildwood office at 603-899-5589 or email us for more information.