Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Looking back at the Wildwood waterfront and dining hall from across Hubbard Pond
Wildwood Camp, Rindge, NH

Camp Life at Wildwood

Wildwood encompasses forests, fields, and wetlands for outdoor play and exploration, including trails, high and low ropes challenge courses, archery range, and playing field. Our waterfront along Hubbard Pond provides for countless summer experiences and magnificent sunsets. 

What Makes Wildwood Special


Wildwood is all about choice and exploration. Campers choose daily from a wide selection of fun and engaging camp activities.

Nature Programs empower campers to discover field, forest, and wetland habitats and the intriguing behaviors of birds, insects, mammals, invertebrates, and more through hands-on investigation.

Discovery Programs provide campers with a variety of choices: they can opt to dive into more nature discovery investigations, or try activities such as arts and crafts, ropes course challenges, paddling, sailing, improv games, karaoke, wacky science, and much more.

Open Activity Times (OATs) give campers free time to swim or paddle on Hubbard Pond, join a game of soccer or Gaga at the activity field, meet up with friends or family, or simply relax in a hammock with a good book.

Evening Programs take place after dinner and enrich Wildwood’s offerings with games and activities such as night hikes, beach parties, campfire singalongs, or sunset paddles. Favorite all-camp games and activities include Predator-Prey Tag, Heffalump Hunt, and Capture the Flag. 

Activities at Wildwood Camp

  • Stand-up Paddleboarding at Wildwood Camp
  • Campers playing the circle game outside
  • Campers doing archery at Wildwood
  • Sun shining through forest with lake behind it
    Wildwood Camp
  • Two campers wearing yellow life jackets and paddling through lily pads in a green canoe with a Mass Audubon logo on the prow, their smiling faces reflected on the still water below
    Wildwood Campers Canoeing on Hubbard Pond
  • Campers jumping off a floating dock wearing life jackets.
    Wildwood Camp
  • campers in white shirts throwing color on each other
  • boy in little boat with a paddle
  • Girl on ropes course
  • campers on benches listening to counselor playing guitar
  • A photo taken from the back of a canoe, with two campers seated in the center and front of the canoe with their backs to the camera, wearing lifejackets that say "Wildwood" on the back. The sky is blue and the boat is surrounded by lily pads and green forest.
    Hubbard Pond at Wildwood Camp in Rindge, NH


Meals are a time to connect with friends over family-style entrées. Campers are served three well-balanced meals and an afternoon snack each day. Meal examples include eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, turkey dinner, and spaghetti with meatballs, with additional choices at the salad bar.

Most meals are served family-style. Campers sit with their units during breakfast and dinner but can sit with friends from any part of camp at lunch. Campers take turns setting the table, carrying serving dishes, and cleaning up the table and dining hall after each meal.

Food Allergies & Special Diets

Our kitchen is able to accommodate specific dietary needs including those of campers who follow vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets (and more!). A vegetarian option is available at each meal, and some meals may not include meat at all. We observe Meatless Mondays as part of our mission to protect the planet and reduce our carbon footprint. Vegan options are available when there are vegan campers or staff.

Wildwood strives to maintain the safest possible dining facility. Our camp is proudly nut-free! We do not use peanut or tree nut products, and non-dairy alternatives are available. To protect all our campers and staff, it is vital that campers and families refrain from bringing outside food, candy, or drinks to camp. Please do not hide food or candy in your camper’s luggage or care packages; if you think your camper is hungry, please call us instead!

Meals & Dining at Wildwood Camp

  • Campers in the dining hall at tables
    Dining Hall at Wildwood Camp, Rindge, NH
  • Several adults and children are seated at a group of picnic tables under a large tent, enjoying a family-style camp meal
    Wildwood Camp, Rindge, NH
  • Campers and counselors load up their plates at the salad bar in Wildwood's dining hall
    Wildwood Camp, Rindge, NH
  • Wildwood Dining Hall


Housing at Wildwood is simple and rustic. Each cabin or tent generally houses 4–7 campers. 

Campers sleep in bunk beds. Every bed has a foam mattress, and top bunks have bed rails. Please bring a fitted sheet to cover the mattress, an extra sheet or light blanket for warm nights, and a warm sleeping bag for cooler nights.

Each living unit has portable toilets (primarily for night and early morning visits) and a hand-washing station located just a few steps away. The central shower house has composting toilets, sinks, and individual shower stalls with private dressing areas, and it’s located near the playing field, Health Center, and office. Showers are scheduled for each unit several times a week during overnight camp sessions. (There are also flushing toilets near the dining hall.)

The interior of a camp cabin with wooden bunk beds and blue mattresses
Wildwood Camp, Rindge, NH


These rustic cabins house up to six campers and one staff member on wooden bunk beds. They offer an easy adjustment to overnight camp life: Each cabin is wired for electricity and features an overhead light and solid screen doors.

Interior of a platform tent at Wildwood Camp with steel bunk beds
Wildwood Camp, Rindge, NH

Platform Tents

Like the cabins, platform tents house up to six campers and one staff member. These classic canvas tents are set up on a solid wooden platform and do not have electricity, making them the perfect setting for campers to connect more closely to the natural world.

The adaptability of the tents allows campers to roll up the sides on a hot day to enjoy a cool breeze or to close the front and rear flaps during a summer shower or cool evening.

beds inside a yurt
Yurt at Wildwood Overnight Camp


The Yurts are large circular structures with canvas sides and wooden floors. They feature a beautiful clear dome at the top which can be opened or closed to regulate temperature. Yurts can sleep 6–8 campers along with a staff member.

There are four yurts in the Goodall unit allowing for a wonderful communal space for our campers and families.

inside wooden tent - bunk beds
Wooden Tent at Wildwood Overnight Camp

Wooden Tents

Simple in design and without electricity or running water, wooden tents enhance every element our campers’ connection to nature. Large, screened openings on all four corners make the tents feel light and airy. Barn doors at the back open wide onto a spacious wooden deck.

The center section of the roof is translucent fiberglass to let in sunlight and view the nighttime sky. All of these details create a sensory connection to the outdoors.

Living Units at Wildwood Camp

  • Wooden Tents in Fossey Unit
    Wooden Tents in Fossey Unit, Wildwood Camp, Rindge, NH
  • wooden cabin seen through a forest
    Wildwood Overnight Camp, Rindge
  • Exterior of Yurts in fall
    Yurts at Wildwood
  • A group of four boys poses for a photo for a woman holding a smartphone in front of a yellow platform tent with the entrance flaps tied back.
    Wildwood Camp, Rindge, NH
  • A family poses for a selfie outside a dark brown cabin in the Leopold Unit at Wildwood Camp
    Wildwood Camp, Rindge, NH