Generative Writing Workshop: Nature is Queer/Queer is Natural

June 11, 2023 (Sunday) 1:00-3:00pm


Boston Nature Center and Wildlife Sanctuary, Mattapan






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If you've ever spent time in nature, you can see queerness everywhere. Mallards: gay. Several species of bats: gay. Trichaptum fungi have over 17,000 biological sexes. Some pollen-bearing gingko trees are known to have individual branches that become fruit-producing. Many plants have both pollen-producing and egg-producing parts, like cucumbers and black walnuts. Some plants have both of these parts in the same flower (literally called 'bisexual flowers,' which would be a great title for a poem), such as apples, sunflowers, and strawberries.

And of course what we see in nature can be heavily symbolic as well. Rainbows, obviously. Lavender is a symbol of lesbian resistance and resilience. Roses are a widespread symbol of love, but if you've ever been to a vigil on Trans Day of Remembrance, you've likely seen or heard the words of B. Parker and Micah Bazant that gives them new meaning: 'give us our roses while we're still here.'

In this workshop, we'll read a couple of queer, nature-themed poems. We'll do a trail walk (approx. 1 mile) that incorporates mindfulness activities. Participants will have time to relax and be ourselves in nature and write our own poems based on themed prompts. Then we'll have the chance to share our experiences and/or writing at the end.

This workshop is a safe space for queer writers and respectful allies. It's open to writers of any experience level!

This program is free if you are a member of Dot Rx. Please email [email protected] to register.

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Meeting Place:

Boston Nature Center and Wildlife Sanctuary
500 Walk Hill Street
Mattapan, MA 02126
Email [email protected] for more information.