Winter Crows

January 8, 2023 (Sunday) 2:00-5:30pm


Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, Easthampton


Patti Steinman - Education Coordinator, Arcadia






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Learn about the habits of the American Crow, a common bird with uncommon intelligence. We'll start with a presentation about crows, then head to Springfield in search of a nighttime roost. If we're lucky, we'll observe crows congregating by the thousands - a spectacular winter natural event. We'll watch the skies "as the crows fly," and follow them as they change location.

Instructions and Directions:

Meet at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, for the first part of the program, then drive your own car or carpool to Springfield to the roost. In the event of bad weather, the indoor component will be done online and we will reschedule the outdoor component. Dress in warm layers, as you will be standing around at the roost rather then walking.

Registration is required.

Meeting Place:

Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary
127 Combs Road
Easthampton, MA 01027
Email [email protected] for more information.