Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
A tall white bird sticks out in a green saltmarsh. A channel of open water cuts through the center of the marsh.
Allens Pond, South Dartmouth

Homeschool Takes Flight at the Allens Pond Stone Barn

March 04, 2024

“Hey eagle, how many of these mice do you want to eat today?”

"All of them!" A chorus of objections erupts, and the Predator/Prey game begins. It’s homeschool day at the Stone Barn at Allens Pond. 

homeschool students getting ready to launch their project

What Makes Homeschool at Allens Pond Special

Allens Pond’s Homeschool Series provides a great balance of nature play and imagination as children learn about the natural world through the Science of Massachusetts curriculum created by Mass Audubon educators. Nature play is a holistic approach that nurtures not only physical health but also enriches mental, social, and cognitive aspects at homeschool. We ask, “Can we use solar power to heat up and melt a marshmallow? Can we capture enough wind energy to sail a boat? How do students prefer to record observations?” Students learn about the different topics through 2 to 3-minute video assignments before each lesson, activities in nature, and reflection time in the barn. 

“I loved watching my daughter share her deep knowledge of monarch butterflies with the class. She had fun and learned a lot from other kids too,” -Allens Pond Homeschool mom Erin Walsh. 

The Stone Barn provides the perfect setting for programs that incorporate indoor and outdoor activities as part of the learning process. Having the space to get hands-on makes learning fun, and effective. They practice science skills by using nature journals to record observations and questions throughout the course. Raucous games in and out of the barn keep it fun as we learn and play together. 

Allens Pond’s Homeschool is offered in a unique format. Each lesson includes: 

  1. An engaging, short video that introduces the lesson topic and can be viewed at home as homework before each sanctuary visit. 
  2. An outdoor field journaling assignment led by the Mass Audubon teacher, inviting students to connect with nature through place-based, hands-on science learning, 
  3. A Mass Audubon-led sensemaking session, which allows time for students to deepen their understanding of science concepts and engage in science practices together. 

Looking Forward to Spring 2024

We’re excited to offer two homeschool programs in Spring 2024: 'Energy on Earth and Water,' and 'Energy Systems on Earth.' We’ll learn how energy from the sun powers life on Earth, both living processes and the technologies we use to power our communities. We’ll also get outside to learn about how water cycles through the beautiful biotic and abiotic worlds of Allen's Pond. Both topics are tightly aligned with the Massachusetts Science Standard Frameworks. 

Homeschool is taught by an experienced Mass Audubon Teacher Naturalist and meets at Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in the Southeast region. Students in grades 3-6 (ages 6-9) and grades 6-8 (ages 10-13) will get outside for a healthy dose of nature while exploring, playing, journaling, and diving into a standards-based science curriculum. 

We recommended placing your child in the appropriate age group, but exceptions can be made for children who are on the cusp of an age level or do better with certain friends/family members.   

Join Allens Pond Homeschool This Spring 

If your child loves to play, learn, and explore outside, Homeschool at Allens Pond may be the perfect opportunity to make 2024 the best spring ever!

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