Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Kids in winter coats climbing rocks in a nature play area
Nature Play Area at Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary in Sharon

Nature Play

Spending time outdoors is good for our minds and bodies. 

Sadly, children today spend less time outside than any other generation before them. We're here to change that.

Now sanctuaries across the state have ways for people to connect with nature by encouraging self-directed, informal play.

Why Nature Play Matters

There are endless benefits to playing in the outdoors. Specifically, nature play:

  • Promotes a healthy, active lifestyle  
  • Develops imagination, creativity, & invention 
  • Allows a space for children to navigate risk & problem solving
  • Supports inquiry-based learning through curiosity & exploration
  • Provides opportunities to practice adaptability, flexibility, & resilience

And of course, when children are in nature, they find connections to the natural world. These connections are critical to creating the next generation of nature heroes!

Wildlife Sanctuaries with Nature Play Areas

Unlike static, traditional playgrounds, Nature Play Areas give children the chance to solve problems and construct their surroundings through natural elements and unstructured exploration.

Metro West

Broadmoor, Natick
Drumlin Farm, Lincoln

Metro South

Moose Hill, Sharon 
Stony Brook, Norfolk 

North Shore

Ipswich River, Topsfield 

South East

North River, Marshfield
Oak Knoll, Attleboro


Boston Nature Center, Mattapan


Pleasant Valley, Lenox 
Arcadia, Easthampton & Northampton

Cape Cod

Long Pasture, Barnstable 

Central Massachusetts

Broad Meadow Brook, Worcester 
Wachusett Meadow, Princeton 


Felix Neck, Edgartown