Drumlin Farm Camp | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Have a question for us? We might have the answer. Review these commonly asked questions and answers before giving us a call. 

General Camp FAQ | Health & Safety FAQ

General Camp FAQ

What’s the difference between Nature Camp and Farm Mania?

Farm Mania focuses exclusively on the farmyard while Nature Camp explores the larger sanctuary. We structure these programs so that, while certain themes overlap, the activities differ. For example, children will interact with a cow and a pony in both Nature Camp and Farm Mania, but individual lessons and activities will differ.

If I send my child to two sessions of the same camp, will he/she be bored?

Different sessions of camp bring different campers and ideas into the fold. While there would be significant overlap if joining the same camp group/program for multiple sessions, there will also be differences: your campers will make new friends and counselors will alter their lessons. We have many campers who attend more than one session each summer.

Older campers are split up by grade level: Biologists (grades 4–5), Earthkeepers (grades 5–6), Apprentices (grades 6–7), Adventurers (grades 7–8) and Farm Ecologists (grades 8–10). Each program covers a unique topic and therefore almost zero overlap exists between groups (aside from all-camp events, such as Weed Out and Predator & Prey).

Do you provide transportation? How does the carpool group work?

Drumlin Farm Camp does not have the capability to provide bus transportation (when you drop-off and pick-up, you’ll see why!). We do act as a hub for families who wish to carpool. When registering, please indicate your interest in ride sharing. While we cannot organize car pool groups, we will provide a list of other parents from your session looking to ride share.

I have children going into different grades. Will they be able to have lunch together? Will they see each other?

Nature Camp and Farm Mania campers are separated by age group. Until grade 4, each group encompasses a single grade. There are all-camp events and opportunities for your children to see each other, such as X, but they will not have a reliable time on a daily basis to do so. Our Assabet Camp, Wolbach Camp, and Drumlin Farm Mini-Camp serve a specific age range and, as such, campers of different ages can be in the same group and spend much of the day together.

Do you have a waterfront? How do you deal with extreme heat?

While Drumlin Farm does not have a place to swim, we take care to keep our campers cool. We have several sprinklers around the campus and encourage our counselors to play water games to cool off campers during hot days. Our sanctuary also offers plenty of shade to cool down and stay out of the sun.

While we encourage campers to bring a set of clothing to wear in the sprinkler, they may get wet in their normal clothes, as cooling off is a constant practice during New England summers.

Since camp predominantly takes place outdoors, what do you do when it rains?

With the exception of thunderstorms or a true deluge, we encourage our counselors to run through their normal lessons and activities, even in the rain. Each camp group has either an indoor space or a large tent under which to gather and do activities. Campers should bring a rain jacket and boots and be ready to have fun in the rain!

How old are your counselors? Are they background checked?

All of our counselors are 18 or older and have completed at least a year of college. We do not hire anyone under the age of 18. Our Counselors-in-Training (ages 14–17) work alongside counselors and are never left alone with campers.

All of our counselors are background checked through local and national databases.


Health & Safety FAQ

How do you deal with sun and bugs during a long day of camp?

Campers should arrive each morning with bug spray and sunscreen already applied. Counselors will remind and/or help campers re-apply sunscreen and bug spray at lunchtime.

Please note that, even if campers wear bug spray, we cannot guarantee their protection from biting insects and ticks. You should check your campers for ticks every evening after camp; more information on this is available in the parent packet sent out after registration.

What are your counselor-to-camper ratios? How many counselors and campers are in a group?

We keep our camp groups at a 1:5 ratio for pre-k to grade 1, and 1:7 for grades 2–10. Camp groups have either three or four counselors at the above ratios. If you have a question about the size of your campers’ group, please contact the Camp Office.

How do you deal with food allergies at mealtimes and during cooking activities?

Our kitchens are nut-free. Any ingredient used while cooking is certified allergen-free for that specific product. For example, the wheat flour we use is not processed in a facility that processes nuts, and the corn flour we use is not processed in a facility that processes wheat.

Campers bring their own lunches that may contain allergens. Counselors will designate a specific area as allergen-free and ensure that all campers wash their hands before and after lunch to avoid contact. All counselors are also trained in the administration of Epi-pens if necessary. If you have a severe or unique allergy concern, please contact our Camp Office.

My child has special needs; how will your camp meet them?

Drumlin Farm Camp is an inclusive camp. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that every camper has the best experience possible. We can accommodate on a case-by-case basis in order to establish the best strategy for a successful summer camp experience! Please contact our Camp Director, Becky Gilles, for more information.