Tracks & Signs - Online

February 16, 2023 (Thursday) 7:30-9:00pm




Tia Pinney - Education Coordinator/Senior Naturalist - Metro West






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The barrenness of deciduous plants and the presence of snow gives us more opportunities to find tracks and signs of mammals, birds, and insects. By paying close attention, we can see the story of winter played out in subtle signs that are all around us; learn how to look for and interoperate some common wildlife signs you may find in the winter.

This program will include an online presentation; two weeks to complete optional challenges using what you've learned; and a follow-up session for challenge discussion and questions.

Interested in learning more? This program is one part of a 4-topic Winter Neighborhood Naturalists Series that you can join us for one, some, or all of. Register for 'Winter Neighborhood Naturalist Series - Online' in our program catalog before January 19 to get access to all 4 topics for the price of 3 (The Science of Winter, Overwintering Strategies, Tracks & Signs, and Winter Botany). You do not need to register for other sessions, or the full series, to enjoy this one.

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Optional review session will be offered at 7:00pm on 3/2 where you're invited to share your experiences in the field and ask questions.

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