Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries. New Individual and Family memberships are just $35! Start your membership
Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries. New Individual and Family memberships are just $35! Start your membership
Man and Woman birding, both with binoculars, marsh behind them.


Mass Audubon's Largest Annual Fundraiser & Nature Celebration

May 12-13, 2023

For 40 years, Bird-a-thon has brought birders, nature-lovers, and families together to celebrate nature and raise funds that provide essential year-round support for Mass Audubon's conservation, nature education, and advocacy work.

No matter if you join for the fun of it or for the thrill of competition (or both!), every team member has the opportunity to enjoy birds while raising or donating essential funds for Mass Audubon.

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That's a Wrap

Thank you for participating in Bird-a-thon! We are grateful you chose to spend your Saturday with us birding, celebrating nature, and raising funds that provide essential year-round support for Mass Audubon's conservation, nature education, and advocacy work.


We're excited to share the 2023 Bird-a-thon winners:


Brewster Cupfor most species recorded statewide
Teams Cape Cod and Metro South with 237 species each

Forbush Award second place for most species recorded statewide  
Team Metro West with 236 species

County Cupfor highest percentage of county par value  
Team Islands for Dukes County, 142/146, 97%  

Sitting Duckfor most species recorded while remaining in a 25-foot circle  
Team West with 57 species 

Nature Activity Awards 

Devoted Dove Awardawarded to the team with the most Nature Activity Points 
Team Southeast with 322 points 

Faithful Flycatcher Awardawarded to the team with the second most Nature Activity Points 
Team Metro West with 261 points 

Team Spirit Award • given to the team with the greatest ratio of fundraisers to team members 
Teams Southeast and West are tied at a 1:1 fundraising ratio 


Hatheway Cuptrophy awarded to the team that raises the most money 
Team North Shore with $48,576 

Taking Flight Cuptrophy awarded to the 2nd place team for the most money raised 
Team Metro West with $39,630 

Top Statewide Fundraiser: Michael Pappone 

Feathered Friends: Wilson Accuna, Gene Albanese, Kate Anderson, Alison Anholt-White, Amy Augur, Mf Badger, Conor Bareng, Quinn Bareng, Christine Bates*, Spring Beckhorn*, Joshua Begley, Dan Berard, Stephanie Bergman*, Betsy Billigmeier, Theodore Blaisdell, Frederick Bowes, Rachel Bramson, David Brewster, Susan Browne, Robert Buchsbaum, Miraj Budak, Maureen Buonpane, Keegan Burke, Katherine Buttolph, Shannon Cahill, Tim Calabrese*, Tofer Carlson, Deb Cary*, Dan Castriotta, Andrea Celino, Christopher Celino, Claire Degutis, Teresa Corcoran, Liz Cosgrove*, Marie Coste, Andrew Cracknell, Peter Crosson, Andy Cruickshank*, Becky Cushing*, Peter Daigle, Judith Davis, Laura De La Fleur, Serena DeSteno, Steve Dexter, Kathy Dia*, Diego Fernandez, Patricia Donahue, Scott Dresser, Morgyn Ellis*, Barbara Epstein, Hannah Ewart, Erin Faccone, Brian Faherty, Luke Faust, Michael Fein, Gail ferreira, Matthew Filosa, Adam Finkle, Martha Gach*, Dekek Garvey, Correne George*, Mason Gordon, Trevor Gracombe, Gary Grahm, Jude Griffin*, Leslie Hannigan, Melissa Hansen, Mariah Hanson, Carrie Hawthorne*, Brian Hicks, Elizabeth Hill-Gest, Beverly Hobbs, Perrianne Houghton, Jamie Infanti, Paul Ippolito, Jenn Madson, Suzanne Johannet, Hilary Johansen-Silve*, John Miranda, Susan Johnson, Catherine Johnson-Roehr, Jon Jones, June Kalman, Les Kaufman, Brian Keevan, Jeffery Keffer, Josey Kirkland, Nicole Kirkos, Lauran Kras*, Amanda LaGoy*, Dx Lanson*, Constance Lapite, Elizabeth Lebow, Adam Leiterman*, Amy Loveless, Don Macadam, Bruce MacDonald, Elizabeth Mankiewicz, Mark Marroni, Mary McHugh, Matthew D'Agostino, Lisa Mattson*, John Hoye, James McDaniel, Lisa Meeks, Emily Mei*, Hannah Merchant, Joseph Metrano, Jake Miller, Elizabeth Mock, Dotty Moffett, Eleanor Moody, Richard Moore, Amy Murrett, Jill Neubauer, Daniel O'Brien, Kaitlyn O'Connor, Alison O'Hare*, Mark Olsen, Mary Owens, Susan Packard, Jeff Paster, Alexander Patterson, Marian Pierre-Louis, Tia Pinney*, Larry Pistrang, Dianna Queheillalt, Kathleen Rawdon, Tom Raymo, Paul Roberts, Brian Rogan, Chris Rohrer, Christine Rohrer*, Jessica Roy, Diana Saari, Kari Sasportas, Margo Servison, Jon Skinner, Sonia Slik, Kelsey Smith, Ross Sormani, Cindy Stewart, Herbert Stone, Mary Sughrue-Yacino, Gwendolyn Sweigart, Aja Talarico, Samantha Timpano, Betsy Townsend*, Cassie Tragert, Hillary Truslow*, Peter Van Demark, Amy Weidensaul*, Renee White, Doug Wipf, Pamela Yanco, Katie Zhang, Matthew Zucconi. 

High Flyers: William Allen, Susan Axe-Bronk, Lois Bartels, Susan Beckhorn, Jennifer Black, Bruce Black, Marie Broudy, Macie Broussard, Jeff Collins*, Adrien Currier, Carolyn Cushing*, Maggie D'Amor, Kathleen Doe, Erin Ellingwood, Mark Faherty*, Daniel Fitzgerald, Melinda Forist, Dan Fournier, Jameson French, Stephen French, Jennifer James, Victoria Jones*, James Junda*, Jonah Keane, Brian Keevan, Philip Kyle, Ally Lague, Joan LeBel, Douglas Lowry*, Andy Magee, Laura Markley, Toshia McCabe, Michael McCarthy, Scott McCue*, Jackie McDowell, Steven Miller, Keelin Miller, Shawn Moriarty, Kylee Noga, Alison O’Hare*, Steven Olanoff, Kathy Parsons, Jackie Pascucci, Susan Richmond, Jeff Ritterson*, Emily Ross, Dan Russell, Harold Seigel, Jacqui Shuster, Neal Skorka, Janice Spence, Elizabeth Stell, Jim Suozzo, Karin Yen. 

Mighty Migrants: Patti Steinman*, Sandy Sutherland, Anna Utech*, Tod Woolf, Owen Cunningham*, Strickland Wheelock, Emily Dahl, Gwen Shipley, Pam Sowizral*, Elissa Landre*, Polly Reeve*, Amy Casher, Leslie Bostrom, Amy LePak, Karen O'Neill, Lindsay Clemens*, Henrietta Yelle, Scott Santino*, David Moon*, Michael Baird, Carole McCauley*, Linda Pivacek, Julia Yoshida, Linda Ferraresso, Sissy ffolliott, Sam Harris*, Julie Brandlen*, Suzan Bellincampi*, Anne Ouwerkerk, Lillie Peterson-Wirtanen*, Lynn Southey, Michele Burnat, Josie Anderson, Chris Walz*, Sharon MacDonald, Mary Richmond, Stephen Burke, LeBaron Briggs, Elaine Abrams*. 

Eagle Eyes: Derek Allard*, Wayne Petersen*, Doug Williams*, Nancy Solomon, Bobbie Hodson, Eric Schultz, Jean Bruns*, David Weaver, Christina MacDougall, Susan Hardy, Jared Keyes, Ian Ives*, Margaret Sagan. 

Winged Warriors: Lisa Hutchings*, Ryan Evans, Michael Pappone. 

Promotional image for the 40th annual Bird-a-thon, May 12-13, 2023

Guidelines & Rules

Find everything from team sizes and prize eligibility to official birding lists and rules for both County Cup and Sitting Duck.

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Incentives & Awards

Up for a little competition? Here's what you and your team will be birding and fundraising for.

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Nature Activities

Looking to challenge yourself while you're out birding? Find some fun, family-friendly activities to engage and challenge everyone while you bird.

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