No matter your age, there's always an opportunity to learn about the wonders of nature, whether it's taking a scheduled program, attending a school field trip, viewing an art exhibition, or exploring one of our wildlife sanctuaries on your own.

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American Redstart

In Massachusetts, each season presents new and exciting opportunities to explore and understand our ever-changing landscape and its inhabitants. Here you can find information about commonly encountered wildlife and invasive plants. Learn More >

Exploring the hills at Tidmarsh (Photo: Kristin Foresto)

The climate of Massachusetts is already changing—and with it, our natural lands, waters, and wildlife. These changes are affecting our health, the nature we love, and the natural resources on which we depend. Despite these challenges, we currently have the capacity to protect the natural resources of Massachusetts for future generations of people and wildlife. Learn More >

Experience Art & Nature

Experience Art & Nature 

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Nature & Wildlife

Seasonal Changes 


Wondering why woodpeckers knock? Not sure what to do if you have a bat in your house? Curious about the benefits of ladybugs?

Learn about frequently encountered plants and animals, and what to do if you cross paths. And discover what's happening in nature right now with our Outdoor Almanac! 

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