Activity Sheets

Two girls with backpacks on a trail © Lisa Roberts
© Lisa Roberts

There's So Much to Explore!

Try some of these fun, hands-on activities for children as you discover and explore outdoors. These are great learning experiences for school groups, scout troops, and of course, families.

Spring & Summer Activity Sheets

Beat the Heat new!
How does nature stay cool in summer? And why is it so hot anyway?

Hop to It
What's green, has great night vision, and is referred to as an "army" when in a large group?

Scientists believe that 1 out of every 4 animals on Earth is a beetle.

Our Feathered Friends
All birds have feathers, and birds are the only living animals that do!

Water, Water Everywhere
Did you know you're swimming in the same water molecules that dinosaurs did?

Marvelous, Mushy Mud
Besides being cool and fun, mud is also very useful.

When it comes to amazing insects, it's hard to beat fireflies.

Warblers By Number
Practice your bird ID skills by coloring in two warblers using our keys.

Other Seasons

Explore with Plum Landing

WGBH Plum Landing

Mass Audubon has partnered with WGBH to provide even more ways for you to explore nature. Check out WGBH's Plum Landing, a PBS KIDS environmental science project that offers families and educators fun and easy activities to get outside and connect to nature.

And download one of the activity sheets to continue your outdoor explorations at home!