Fern Loop Sensory Trail at North River

Sensory Trail at North River Wildlife Sanctuary

On the Fern Loop Sensory Trail, you can listen for songbirds and chipmunks, visit a wetland and forest habitat, and learn about the animals that make North River Wildlife Sanctuary their home.


The trail is a half-mile loop.


  • Post and rope guided trail
  • Several seating areas
  • A boardwalk that allows you to travel over wetlands.


The entire trail is shaped like a lollipop, with a short “stick” section then a loop that brings you back around to the stick and out to the exit.

Starting off on a level gravel path with the guide rope on the left side, you will travel through woodland, and then to a wetland boardwalk. All narrated stops along the trail are clearly marked by three-foot tall signposts with a stop name and number in print and in Braille.

Round fishing floats on the rope indicate 7 stops along the trail. Square floats indicate the locations of benches either on the opposite side of the trail or just past the float.

More Information

If you need assistance during visitor center hours, please see the front desk or call 781-837-9400. The center is open Monday-Friday 9 am-4 pm and Saturday (April-December) 10 am-3 pm.

Please Note: All trails are open year-round, however trails are not maintained during winter weather so surfaces and footing may be slippery

Audio Tour

The audio tour is available to listen to or download onto your personal audio player. The audio tour is also available on audio players that you can borrow at the Visitor Center during office hours.

This project is made possible by a grant from the Salah Foundation, who embraced our vision for a trail where everyone could enjoy and learn about nature.