Living Lab Wetland Project on Cape Cod

A liner wetland at Falmouth High School 1yr after creation
"Liner" wetland at Falmouth High School one year after creation

What Others Are Saying 

As of 2018, 1,700 students at seven Cape Cod schools have created a total of 8 "Living Lab" wetlands. Listen to an NPR radio interview describing the project along with testimonials from teachers and project partners.


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The goal of Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary’s Living Lab Wetland Project is to collaborate with students and teachers to design and build naturally appearing and functioning wetlands on school grounds for education and conservation.

Long Pasture provides concurrent and ongoing training and educational programming to many of these students including hands-on activities and in-class lessons focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The addition of a Living Lab wetland on school campuses provides students with unparalleled learning opportunities to investigate rare wetland dependent flora, fauna, and soils, and contribute to the ongoing work in wetland restoration ecology and ecological engineering.