Superbowl of Birding

January 28, 2023

Woman w binoculars birding in winter © Nick DeCondio
© Nick DeCondio

Superbowl of Birding 2023

Saturday, January 28, 2023

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Winter is a wonderful time to bird in northeastern Massachusetts and southeastern New Hampshire. In celebration of this season, the Joppa Flats hosts the Superbowl of Birding event every January.

This is a unique competition to find the greatest number of species and to earn the greatest number of points based on the rarity of the birds recorded. The Joppa Cup is awarded to the team that collects the most points by the end of the specified 12-hour birding day.

Strategy and planning are essential in order to win this competition! However, the event consists of activities appropriate for all levels of birders.

Dedicated birders compete for all awards, especially the Joppa Cup and Dave Larson Award, while anyone can compete for the Townie Award or the Sitting Duck Award. Teams with young birders age 16 or younger can vie for the Newbies Award. The Fledgling Award encourages young families to participate.

Prize Categories

  • Joppa Cup: Greatest number of points
  • Dave Larson Award: Greatest number of species
  • Essex County Award: Most points in Essex County
  • Rockingham County Award: Most points in Rockingham County
  • Seekers Award: Award for the first team to complete the special Seekers checklist
  • Fledgling Award: Award for the first team to complete the special Fledgling checklist
  • Parker River NWR Award: Most points on the refuge
  • Townie Award: Greatest number of species tallied from a single municipality
  • Newbies Award: Award for the greatest number of points tallied by any team with 2 or more members 16 years of age or younger
  • Sitting Duck Award: Most points compiled by a team birding within a 25-ft diameter circle
  • Lifer Award: Participant who sees the most new life birds during the competition

Results for Superbowl of Birding XX, January 28, 2023

Conjunction Junco © Mary Everett

Under clear skies and reasonably warm conditions, 24 teams spread out over two counties on Saturday, January 28, 2023 seeking birds and glory. The competition was intense for the top awards, with only two points separating the Joppa Cup winners from their closest competitors!

Lifer Award: Zach McKenna of Irritable Owl Syndrome (22 new species!)

Sitting Duck Award (for most species in one spot): Big Sit Brant led by Kari Sasportas

Townie Award (most points in one municipality): Wild CARDinals led by Jim Sparrell and Katie Towler in Rye, NH

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Award (most points on the refuge): The Fowl of Us! led by Glen Chretien

Seekers Award (most birds from a special, challenge list): Joppa Juncos led by Lisa Hutchings and Johnny Owens

Rockingham County Award (most species in that county): 4th and Longspurs led by Steve Mirick

Essex County Award (most species in that county): Return of the Great Auks led by David Bates

Dave Larson Award (most species overall): Wicked Pishahs led by Tom Young

Joppa Cup Award (most points overall): Thrashers led by Davey Walters