New England Wildlife Explorations

Opening of the New England Wildlife Explorations exhibit
NEWE exhibit

On November 20, 2016, we successfully cut the ribbon and opened the New England Wildlife Explorations (NEWE), our new outdoor exhibit featuring our silver fox!

Animals of New England habitats such as walking sticks, mice, and a corn snake were all on display as representatives of the diverse ecosystems found all around us. Although our dear fox is still being gently introduced to his new habitat, our visitors will soon be able to say hello!

Taking the place of the former Drumlin Underground exhibit, NEWE shows the interrelationships of wildlife in a New England forest/field-edge habitat. Over time, the animals exhibited may include fisher, New England cottontail rabbit, snapping turtle, opossum, skunk, bobcat, and coyote.

The NEWE exhibit conveys the importance of the farm-nature connection and the impacts of climate change on the New England landscape. By demonstrating reverence and respect for our native animals and their role in this complex ecosystem, we hope to inspire others to appreciate and protect our natural world and to take action on today’s most pressing environmental issues.

Thank you so much to all our staff, volunteers, builders, and donors for making NEWE possible!