Drumlin Farm Livestock


Since 1955, Drumlin Farm has been educating people about farm life and where our food comes from. As a small local farm, Drumlin Farm models an alternative to the often inhumane treatment of factory raised animals.

Our humane and sustainable livestock operation includes:

  • Plenty of space and fresh air for the animals.
  • No growth hormones
  • No routine antibiotics, but are treated by vets as needed.
  • A local USDA certified slaughterhouse, where the meat is processed and frozen immediately.
Drumlin chickens

At Drumlin Farm we raise sheep, cows, goats, and pigs. Meat is available for purchase seasonally at the Farmstand Tuesday-Sunday during normal business hours. Selections vary based on the livestock being raised at any given time.

We also raise laying hens, both in our poultry house and in our “Egg Mobiles,” our mobile chicken coops, and sell the eggs at the admissions window. Our eggs are nutritious, delicious, and very popular. Please check with the admissions desk to see when and if they are available.