Drumlin Farm Summer CSA

Summer CSA tomatoes

CSA Program Update

In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, all shares this spring and summer will be pre-boxed for curbside pick-up at no additional cost to you. Our farmers will practice social distancing, wearing gloves and masks as they safely deliver your share to your vehicle.

By purchasing a CSA share now, you're giving valuable support to our farmers as they continue to work to provide fresh, sustainable food for our community.

Summer CSA Details 

June 24 – September 2, 2020
11 weekly pickups

Wednesdays, 12–6 pm*
Pickup at Drumlin Farm Stand

Regular Pricing

$455 Full Share (sold out)
$260 Half Share (sold out)
Pick-Your-Own Add-ons:
$100 Veggies (sold out), $150 Flowers (sold out)

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What You’ll Get

Enjoy the height of the growing season with our Summer CSA! Throughout the summer months, you’ll receive staple crops such as carrots, beets, potatoes, a variety of greens, and fragrant herbs, along with seasonal highlights like:

Heirloom Tomatoes • Sweet Corn • Broccoli • Cantaloupe • Cauliflower • Sweet Peppers • Eggplant • Celery • Summer Squash • Leeks • Onions • ...and more!

At each distribution we aim to provide our shareholders with 8-18 different crops, filling the weekly vegetable needs of a family of four (or two to four adults), depending on how often you cook and how central vegetables are to your diet.

We aim to provide a 20% return on initial investment to our shareholders, and pass along the abundance when we experience bumper crops.

Should I get a Full Share or a Half Share?

A Half Share is equal to half the volume of produce included in a Full Share. Please note that some items may differ between Full and Half Shares in any given week.

All shareholders also receive weekly emails with cooking tips, recipes, and updates about our farm, farmers, and farming practices. 

Optional Add-Ons

You must be a regular Summer CSA shareholder to sign up for any of these options.

Pick-Your-Own Veggie Share ($100) Sold Out

CSA harvesting baskets in the field

PYO shareholders harvest set amounts of cherry tomatoes, string beans, and huskcherries. Depending on field conditions, strawberries, sugar snap peas, and shell peas may also be included.

Due to the prohibitive amount of time it takes us to harvest them for all of our shareholders, these particular crops are are either excluded or offered in limited quantities to regular CSA shareholders. 

Gain access to greater volumes of these farm favorites by enrolling in a PYO Veggie Share! 

Pick-Your-Own Flower Share ($150)

PYO Flower shareholders in field

PYO Flowers shareholders harvest flowers with the guidance of PYO facilitators. You'll be able to pick a bouquet of an established size for 10 weeks during the summer months. We grow zinnias, cosmos, sweet william, gomphrena, salvia, celosia, dahlias, and ornamental amaranths and grasses.

Water and scissors will be available in the fields.

Fruit Share ($TBD)

We partner with Autumn Hills Orchard in Groton, MA, to offer you a selection of peaches, apples, pears, plums and grapes. The Fruit Share runs for the last few weeks of the Summer CSA program, just before the start of the Fall CSA. Information and registration details will be sent to all shareholders via email at a later date.

Other Options

Work Shares Sold Out

Field and harvest work shares are available and offer discounts ranging from $55-$220 off a regular CSA share. Work shares are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact us if you have questions, or would like more information, about this year’s work share options.

Shares for SNAP Customers

SNAP customers can now use their SNAP benefits to purchase a Drumlin Farm CSA share and earn HIP Rewards! Once you're enrolled in our program, CSA payments will automatically be deducted from your SNAP account each month. To enroll, please contact Carrie Flood at cflood@massaudubon.org or call 781-259-2202.

Mass Audubon Membership

We ask that all CSA shareholders be members of Mass Audubon. If you are currently not a member, you can sign up now or when you register for the CSA program. Read all about the benefits of a Mass Audubon membership.