Erosion Field Trip

Build and test a nature-based solution to reduce erosion that you learned about in class. Catch aquatic wildlife to find out how erosion impacts their habitats, and look for signs of erosion in the field.

Erosion is a part of a two-part program series with 1x in-class program and 1x field trip program. You may choose to book only the in-class or field trip program, but we recommend booking both for deeper engagement.

This field trip is available at all of our Metro South Sanctuaries which include the Blue Hills Trailside Museum, the Museum of American Bird Art, Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, and Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary.

Program Location(s):

Blue Hills Trailside Museum, Milton


6, 7, 8


  • 2hr Field Trip Pricing: $170 for a group of 15 students, $140 for each additional group of 15 students
    Tier 1 Low-Income Schools are eligible for a 20% discount, and Tier 2 Low-Income Schools are eligible for a 30% discount

Curriculum Frameworks:

6-MS-ETS1-1 - Engineering Design - criteria/constraints of design problem
6-MS-ETS1-5 (MA) - Engineering Design - visual representation of design solution
6-MS-ETS1-6 (MA) - Engineering Design - communicate design solution to user
7-MS-LS2-5 - Ecosystems--Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics - designs for protecting an ecosystem

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