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Through field studies and classroom explorations, Mass Audubon school programs provide hands-on, inquiry-based experiences with science content and practices. Our educators enhance students’ scientific understanding of species and habitats; ecological concepts such as food webs, cycles, systems, adaptation, and evolution; climate change; and interrelationships between people and nature. 

Operated in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Blue Hills Trailside Museum is the interpretive center for the state-owned Blue Hills Reservation and features a natural history museum and outdoor exhibits of native wildlife, including Snowy Owls and a Red Fox. The nearby Blue Hills Reservation has over 125 miles of trails through a diversity of habitats, including forest, meadow, and ponds. 

Blue Hills Trailside Museum Educator wearing a staff shirt and leather glove, holding an owl (animal ambassador)
Program Types

In-School and At the Sanctuary

Blue Hills Trailside Museum offers field trips programs for schools at the Museum, in-school programs led by a Mass Audubon teacher naturalist, and hybrid programs that incorporate both an in-class and in-the-field experience. Download the Metro South School Programs Brochure to learn more about our offerings and contact us for assistance choosing or designing the right program for your needs.

Preschool Programs

These programs provide wonderful learning opportunities for your preschool students. Our in-class and field trip programs are a mix of hands-on activities, stories, animal encounters, and art projects. Our programs are specially designed to strengthen listening and observation skills while teaching students about the natural world. 

Teacher Workshops

We provide many professional development opportunities for teachers connecting natural history, ecology, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), and environmental/climate justice. All workshops are designed for active participation and practical application in the classroom. 

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