Trails at Allens Pond

Woman walking forest trail at Allens Pond in summer © Carleen Loper
© Carleen Loper

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Explore 9 miles of trails through various habitats at Allens Pond. Choose from 3 trail systems, each with its own distinct natural communities!

The Quansett Trail system offers visitors the opportunity to observe, interact with, and learn about the great diversity of habitats in the sanctuary. Visitors have many options to choose from including two western loops: one around a fresh pond, the other with a giant boulder to climb for treetop views. Two smaller loops provide east and west overlooks of the pond. 

The Allens Neck Trail system, located off Allens Neck Road in Dartmouth, MA offers 1.5 miles of trails along the Woodland and Boulder Loops. Visitors can wander through rich wetlands, across old pasture land and among giant boulders or pass vernal pools throbbing with fairy shrimp and tadpoles.

Experience dramatic views of Allens Pond and Buzzards Bay via the Beach Loop Trail. Scan the saltmarsh for saltmarsh sparrows, herons and camouflaged shorebirds. Red cedar, bayberry, beach plum, and shadbush are native plants that thrive in this sandy coastal habitat. The loop follows the rocky shore at Buzzards Bay and returns via the sheltered salt marsh. 

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