Accessibility and All Persons Trail at Allens Pond

Boardwalk on the All Persons Trail at Allens Pond

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Mass Audubon strives to create a welcoming presence for a wide range of visitors, including making our sanctuaries and nature centers more accessible for all to enjoy.

Accessibility Features

  • Bathroom
  • Universally Accessible All Persons Trail

All Persons Trail

On the All Persons Trail, you can listen for songbirds and frogs, visit wetland, grassland, and forest habitats, and explore tactile exhibits to learn about the animals that make Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary their home.


The trail is a half-mile linear trail, going from the parking area to the vernal pool platform, and back to the parking area.


  • Post and rope guided trail
  • Historic barn
  • Sensory garden
  • Boardwalk overlooking seasonal wetlands
  • Tactile displays

About the Trail

Starting off on a level gravel path with the guide rope on the left side, you will travel through woodland, and then to a wetland boardwalk. Trail surfacing consists of a combination of mixed stone, a grass paving material, and some boardwalks. There are no stairs, and the surfacing, width, and slope are ADA-compliant.

There are 13 stops along the trail, clearly marked by three-foot tall signposts with a stop name and number in raise lettering print and braille.

Spherical beads indicate an interpretive stop. Square floats indicate the locations of seating nearby. A disc-shaped bead indicates a reflection stop intended for the end of your trail visit.

Please Note: All trails are open year-round, however trails are not maintained during winter weather so surfaces and footing may be slippery

Audio Tour

The audio tour is available to listen to or download onto your personal audio player. The audio tour is also available on an audio player that you can arrange to borrow by contacting us in advance by phone at 508-636-2437 or by emailing [email protected].

1 - Welcome 3.22 MB
2 - Stone Walls 3.99 MB
3 - Stone Barn 3.19 MB
7 - Changes 3.68 MB
8 - Owls 3.47 MB

Trail Tour Booklets

Sensory Garden Plant List

Northern Sea Oats Blue Wild Indigo Blazing Star
  Bee Balm Blazing Star "Kobold"
Spice Bush    
  Swamp Milkweed Lamb's Ear

Thank You

Mass Audubon thanks the following organizations and individuals for their generous support in developing and opening this All Persons Trail:

Jerry Berrier, Perkins School, Allens Pond volunteers, TerraCorps Service members, Sylvia Guthrie, Alvarium Foundation, Lang Elliot, Chris Arsenault, and Ted Franklin