Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
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Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, Sharon

Things are Blossoming at The Farm at Moose Hill

April 16, 2024

Much like the farming season itself, each year brings change and growth. The vegetables get rotated through the fields, the soil gets tilled, and seasonal farm staff come on board. This year, we’re excited to bring on new equipment and a new Farm Manager!

Meet the new Farm Manager 

Over the last two seasons, Jill transformed the farm into a more efficient, productive, and organized operation.  While Jill now is working at the State Department of Agriculture, she is still around helping Assistant Grower Matt and our new Farm Manager, Sofia Koso, get up and running.

Sofia was raised in the Boston area where they first started farming in high school at the Food Project. After studying agricultural policy and economics at Wheaton College, they returned to farming at the Food Project’s Lincoln farm, where they continued to learn how to take care of the land and the roles of food and community. They are excited to share their love of farming and farm education with everyone!

A smiling Sofia Koso, Farm Manager at Moose Hill, stands in front of a tractor in a field.

Upgrades to the Farm

With the help of a grant, the farm secured funds to build its very own green house right next to the barn. This exciting edition allows the CSA to start our seeds right on site instead of renting space elsewhere. It will also provide a better space to cure the winter squash and dry other crops throughout the season. The building of the greenhouse is underway and will be completed soon.

You also may notice a shiny new green tractor and spading machine. The spading machine is Moose Hill’s new “gentle” tillage tool. Unlike traditional tillage methods that can disrupt the natural soil structure, a spading machine leaves the soil structure intact and efficiently mixes in our cover crops, returning those nutrients to the soil. This tool helps us achieve our sustainable farming practices.  

A tractor plows a field at Moose Hill. Two people driving the tractor look at the camera.

Become a CSA Member

As a member of our Community Supported Agriculture, you get to experience the farm as you get your freshly picked, organic vegetables every week. You learn about where your food comes from, you can ask our farm staff questions for tips and tricks or more information about any of the crops, and you get to experience harvesting for yourself with our many pick-your-own opportunities!

This year we have a brand-new addition to the CSA options with a flower share! Every week, you get to hand pick your very own bouquet of flowers right from the field.

A yellow butterfly rests on an orange sunflower.