Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Stone bridge over water with trees in background
Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Topsfield

Programs for Groups at Ipswich River

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in Topsfield offers a variety of fun and educational nature-based programs for community groups, adults, scout troops, birthdays, homeschool, and more.

Community Groups

Our group programs are great for senior centers, garden clubs, library groups, and more, and can be tailored to fit a specific interest or setting. Our program barn provides comfortable seating for indoor programs and our trails invite you for exploration. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Birds and Butterflies
  • Vernal Pools
  • Invasive Plants
  • Naturalist-led canoe trips
  • Winter tracking
  • And more


Our homeschool program is designed to expose children to the wonders of nature through outdoor exploration, hands-on activities, and scientific inquiry. An emphasis is placed on cooperative learning and students are encouraged to develop relationships with one another through games and team-building activities.

Programs take place entirely outdoors, with the exception of bathroom breaks and in case of sudden bad weather.


Our preschool programs provide wonderful learning opportunities for your four to five-year-old students. The programs are a mix of hands-on activities, experiments, songs, demonstrations, stories and nature walks. Our programs are specially designed to strengthen listening and observation skills while teaching children about the natural world.

Afterschool Enrichment

Naturalists from Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary visit your after-school program to lead engaging, fun, and hands-on science and natural history enrichment. Our programs align with Mass STEM standards and are designed to fuel curiosity and inquiry about nature, beginning with the nature they see every day in their own backyards.

Both stand-alone and series programs are available. These offsite enrichments are offered year-round for programs, centers, clubs, and community organizations that provide after-school or out-of-school opportunities for school-aged children in grades K-12.

To Schedule a Program

Please contact us to learn more or schedule a program.