Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
A boardwalk cutting through tall green shrubs and trees.
Boston Nature Center, Mattapan

Boston Nature Center Camps Programs & Pricing

  • A teacher naturalist and a camper at Boston Nature Center standing in front of two banner signs surrounded by green foliage; one reads "We Welcome All" and the other reads "Black Lives Matter"
    Boston Nature Center Camp, Mattapan
  • Campers at Boston Nature Center Camp seated and waiting for the next activity, smiling for the camera
    Boston Nature Center Camp, Mattapan
  • Campers at Boston Nature Center Camp dancing with their arms spread wide on the lawn behind the nature center
    Boston Nature Center Camp, Mattapan
  • A group of counselors and CITs at Boston Nature Center Camp pose for a photo with arms around each other
    Boston Nature Center Camp, Mattapan
  • A counselor at Boston Nature Center Camp, wearing a face mask, drawing the water cycle on a white board during a science lesson
    Boston Nature Center Camp, Mattapan
  • A camper at Boston Nature Center Camp laying down on a climbing branch in the Nature Play Area
    Boston Nature Center Camp, Mattapan
  • Two campers at Boston Nature Center Camp check out a bird nest and a small, blue egg held by a staff member
    Boston Nature Center Camp, Mattapan
  • A group of campers at Boston Nature Center Camp run through a sunny meadow holding up insect nets with long handles
    Boston Nature Center Camp, Mattapan
  • Campers at Boston Nature Center roll logs and look through leaf litter for insects and other invertebrates with their counselor
    Boston Nature Center Camp, Mattapan
  • A group of campers at Boston Nature Center Camp posing and smiling in the sanctuary's Nature Nook
    Boston Nature Center Camp, Mattapan

Whether hiking in the woods or bird watching in the meadow, campers ages 5–15 at Boston Nature Center Camps have fun while learning about nature!

BNC's camp registration lottery closed at midnight on January 14.

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Nature Camp

Full-day, two-week sessions for ages 5–13
Monday-Friday • 8:30 am–5:30 pm

2024 Camp Session Dates

Note: Campers may register for one Nature Camp session at either location.

Boston Nature Center (Mattapan): Two-week sessions from June 24–August 30
Boston Trinity Academy (Hyde Park): Two-week sessions from June 24–August 2

Extended Day Options

Pre-registration is required for extended day programming; you may add this option at checkout when you register your child for camp or call later to add to your camper's session. Sliding scale pricing also applies to extended-day programming.

Our trained camp staff will supervise campers enrolled in our optional Before and After Camp programs. Campers may choose from a variety of activities, including active games, restful games, coloring, crafts, and reading.

Before Camp

7:30–8:30 am • Ages 5–13

After Camp

5:30–6:30 pm • Ages 5–13
Mattapan only; not available at Hyde Park location

Age Groups

Owls (ages 5–6)

Counselor-to-Camper Ratio: 1 to 5

Owls explore the wonders of nature using their five senses. Each day is filled with art activities, learning games, outdoor/nature exploration, and camp songs. This full-day program includes a rest time followed by more play and outdoor exploration. Campers must be 5 years old prior to the start of their session.

Hawks (ages 6–7)

Counselor-to-Camper Ratio: 1 to 6

Hawks investigate the outdoors through science experiments and creative play. Each day is a blend of outdoor play and structured activities, providing different avenues for campers to connect with nature and each other.

Falcons (ages 7–9)

Falcons learn how to develop and test their own ideas to gain a better understanding of nature through discovery and hands-on activities. Whether practicing science or art or team building, campers are encouraged to follow new interests and learn new skills.

Ravens (ages 9–11)

Ravens learn through focused outdoor exploration and guided experiments to understand the natural world in greater depth. Through inquiry-based activities, they are encouraged to follow and build on their own interests.

Adventurers (ages 11–13)

Adventurers engage in a variety of hands-on activities that encourage self-direction, leadership skill-building, and teamwork. Through multifaceted projects, adventurers learn about complex science concepts and environmental issues such as Farm to Table, Renewable Energy, and Climate Change.

Specialty Camps

The following specialty and teen camps are all based out of the Boston Nature Center location in Mattapan. Specialty Camps are not available at the Hyde Park location.

Farm Trekkers, Ages 9–11

Two-week sessions: July 8–August 16

This specialty camp is a partnership between the camp programs at Boston Nature Center and Drumlin Farm. Each session, the program will bring together 10 Boston-area and 10 Lincoln-area children for a camp experience focused on food and farming. 

Children will have up-close time caring for Drumlin's farm animals (cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and pony) and exploring the varied habitats of Drumlin Farm and the Boston Nature Center (field, forest, and wetlands). Together, we'll work in the crop fields and gardens, and taste food that we gathered ourselves.

Our highly trained counselors serve as field guides and purveyors of summer fun, making sure that the structured parts of the camp day are interspersed with downtime for camp songs, crafts, games, and time with new friends. 

Environmental Leadership for Teens, Ages 13–15

One-week sessions: June 24–28 and July 22–26

Nature needs the next generation of environmental leaders. The goal of Mass Audubon's Environmental Leadership for Teens (ELT) program is to equip and encourage teens to be effective environmental advocates, learn about civic action, and be conservation leaders in their homes and communities.

During each session, camp educators will guide teens as they develop their individual leadership and community-building skills and support them as they develop their own style and voice as environmental leaders. Each group of ELT participants will also focus on learning about and taking action on an environmental challenge or environmental justice issue and how to best apply their community-building and leadership skills to make a positive impact on their community and the world.

Counselors-In-Training, Ages 14–15

One-week sessions: Coincides with Nature Camp sessions (see above)

This is a specialized camp program designed to develop important leadership skills and prepare older campers to help lead camp. CITs practice skills such as public speaking, group management, and caring for younger children. 

As CITs grow into their new role as camp leaders, they will take part in fun activities that make camp special, such as team-building activities, science learning, and field trips. CITs prepare to volunteer the week following their training with a specific age group. CITs may volunteer beyond one week depending on availability.

2024 Camp Session Pricing

Mass Audubon is committed to ensuring that every family that wants their child to experience summer camp should have the opportunity to do so. A sliding scale model helps us work toward that goal through an easy and dependable process for families. With the sliding scale structure, every family enrolls for camp at a tuition rate based on their annual gross income and size of family.

Mass Audubon Membership

Registering for camp is one of the many benefits of Mass Audubon membership. In order to register for camp, your membership must be current through the end of your camper's last session; if you need to purchase or renew your membership, you should do so as part of your camp registration transaction.

All camp families registering at Tiers 1–3 will receive a free one-year Family membership (new or renewal), thanks to the generosity of members at the Protector level and higher who chose to donate their free gift membership benefit.

Review Sliding Scale Tiers

2024 Camp Session Pricing

 Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5
Nature Camp$170$425$553$723$850
Farm Trekkers$194$486$631$825$971
Before or After Camp
(per two-week session)