Habitat Restoration and Management Projects

Grasshopper Sparrow

Greenwood Street Landfill, Worcester

Partnered with Casella Construction and the City of Worcester to create habitat for threatened grasshopper sparrows at this 40-acre site. Designed a phasing plan that would ensure adequate nesting habitat over the multi-year period and designed and supervised restoration of grassland habitat in the newly capped areas, including specifying soil parameters, seed mix, and planting methods. 

Rock Meadow, Belmont

Completed a detailed inventory and restoration plan and worked closely with a vegetation management company to remove invasive shrubs and restore the 40-acre meadow to its former open condition for the public to enjoy.

Woodsom Farm, Amesbury

Designed a management plan for this recently protected, 200-acre farm, one of the most prolific Bobolink breeding sites in the state. We conducted bird surveys and gathered input from various user groups to create a plan that balanced the needs of breeding birds with the need to maintain the grassland by mowing.