Twin Spot Skipper
Oligoria maculata


Edwards, 1865


Wingspan 1 1/4 - 1 3/8". Dark brown above and below, with reddish cast to hindwings beneath. May be told from other similar dark skippers by pattern of spotting on hindwings beneath: three distinct white spots, one toward front edge of wing and two close together ("twin spot") in middle of wing. There are four hyaline spots on the forewings.


Coastal plain from North Carolina south to Florida and west along the Gulf to Texas. Strays northward rarely to New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. Scudder (1889) reported an individual taken near Albany, New York by Meske (fide Lintner) in 1866.

Status in Massachusetts

Vagrant. There is one literature reference to a Massachusetts record: Klots (1951) stray to Massachusetts - (no details given).

Twin Spot Skipper map

Flight Period in Massachusetts

Two flights in most of the species‘ range; probably three flights in Florida. Flight dates from the Carolinas are April-May and August-September. In common with most other southern strays, it is probably most likely in the Northeast as a late summer/early fall stray.

Larval Food Plants

Unrecorded, but presumably grasses.

Adult Food sources

Information for this species in Massachusetts is currently unavailable.


Reported from swamps and pinewoods in the South.

Life Cycle

Information for this species in Massachusetts is currently unavailable.

Account Author

Richard K. Walton