Bog Elfin
Callophrys lanoraieensis


Sheppard, 1934



Wingspan: 5/8-1". The smallest elfin. Told from similar Eastern by smaller size, smudgier, less distinct pattern below, and presence of small black spot in submarginal area on underside of hindwing. In addition, the somewhat similar Eastern Pine Elfin occupies a very different habitat.


Northeastern North America: New Brunswick south through eastern third of Maine; isolated populations in southern Quebec, eastern Ontario, and central Nova Scotia. Recorded from eastern New Hampshire (Pyle, 1981). Recently recorded from Massachusetts.

Status in Massachusetts

Very rare and local. Not recorded during the Atlas period.   Bog Elfin is listed as a Threatened species under the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act.

Bog Elfin map

Flight Period in Massachusetts

18 May 3 June in Maine (Townsend); to June 9 elsewhere (Opler and Krizek, 1984).

Larval Food Plants

Black Spruce (Picea mariana) is the main food source, but according to Scott (1986) occasionally uses Red and White Spruces as well.

Adult Food sources

Information for this species in Massachusetts is currently unavailable.



Bog Elfins generally occur only in the immediate vicinity of Black Spruce bogs.

Life Cycle

Little known; presumably similar to that of other elfins. Overwinters as a chrysalis.

Account Author

Brian Cassie

Additional Information

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