Protecting & Researching Ospreys

Several of Mass Audubon’s wildlife sanctuaries work to protect and study ospreys through a variety of projects.

Osprey © John Moniz
Osprey © John Moniz

Ospreys are a signature species for Martha’s Vineyard. These iconic birds are easy to see, breed on the Vineyard, and are a beloved symbol of the island. More than 100 nesting pairs of Osprey grace the island during our spring and summer seasons and then migrate south for the winter. Intense efforts by Felix Neck staff, researchers, and volunteers have led to their current success.

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Juvenile osprey at Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Since 2004, Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, with the essential support of volunteers and partner organizations, annually monitors the breeding activity of 80 pairs of osprey on nearly 100 nesting platforms in Westport and Dartmouth, MA. Learn More