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Campers at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Camp

Our Camp Staff

Our staff members are chosen for their enthusiasm, experience, nature knowledge, and ability to work with children in the outdoors. They are college graduates or undergraduates currently enrolled in environmental and/or educational fields of study. All are certified in first aid and CPR and participate in a pre-camp training in safety, child development, and natural history. 

Camp Director & Education Coordinator—Emily Wolfe

Emily Wolfe, Wellfleet Bay Camp Director

Our Camp Director, Emily Wolfe, has been with Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary since 2008. In addition to Camp Director, Emily is also Wellfleet Bay’s Education Coordinator. When camp isn’t in session, she is busy teaching natural history curriculum in Cape Cod schools and helping out with cold-stunned sea turtle rescue efforts.

When camp isn’t in session, Emily is busy teaching natural history curriculum in the local schools, coordinating special events, and helping out with the cold-stunned sea turtle season.


Assistant Camp Director at Wellfleet—Pearl Kerber

Pearl Kerber

Pearl has been with the Wellfleet Bay Natural History Day Camp for ten years, eight as the Discoverers counselor and two as the Assistant Camp Director.

When camp is not in session, Pearl is residing in Cambridge as she pursues a dual masters in Early Childhood Education and Creative Arts in Learning.


Assistant Camp Director at Chatham—Morgan Peck

Morgan Peck

Our on-site Chatham Camp Director, Morgan Peck, has been with Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary for four years.

Throughout the year, Morgan teaches and coordinates educational programming with visiting schools to Wellfleet Bay.

Her specialty is marine science.


What Others are Saying . . .

“The counselors were all excellent!! They were enthusiastic, informative, encouraging, supporting, and knowledgeable. They really helped to make it an excellent experience.”—Camp Parent