Pleasant Valley All Persons Trail Expansion

Person touching a sensory friendly exhibit at Pleasant Valley

Two people walking on Pleasant Valley's All Persons Trail

Access to nature is one of the top three organizational priorities in Mass Audubon’s five-year Action Agenda: we’re strengthening our capacity to welcome individuals of all abilities into our programming, nature centers, and onto our trail systems.

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Improving Accessibility at Pleasant Valley

Last year we opened our new visitor center with modern, accessible, and family friendly restrooms; accessible outdoor program space; and multi-sensory, interactive educational displays. 

Pleasant Valley All Persons Trail Planned Expansion Aerial View

Spring 2023 will bring a major expansion to Pleasant Valley’s 1/3-mile universally accessible All Persons Trail (APT). The existing APT is one of the most popular trails in the sanctuary, providing easy, universal access to beautiful Pike’s Pond. The expansion will lengthen the trail to nearly 1 mile, centered around the pond with fantastic opportunities for wildlife viewing, extensive and inclusive educational programs, and positive nature experiences.

What is an All Persons Trail?

APTs are designed to be wide, flat, and without obstacles to ensure visitors of all ages or those requiring mobility assistance devices can have a safe experience in nature. They also make it easy for families with young children—in or out of a stroller—to explore.

Mass Audubon’s APTs go beyond Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and include universally accessible interpretive features, including:

  • unique post-and-rope guide system that enables individuals with visibility or balance needs a way to navigate the trails. Beads on the rope indicate an interactive stop or nearby seating. 
  • engaging multisensory interpretive displays offer opportunities to encourage visitors to interact with nearby natural features, tactile objects, or listen for the sounds of resident species.
  • multiuse seating areas feature benches and extra space for wheelchairs, powered mobility devices, or strollers. These are strategically installed at intervals to provide spaces for visitors to rest while taking in the wonderful scenic areas around them.
  • trail maps in printed or tactile formats, a Braille guide, and an audio tour available as a download to a smartphone or other MP3 player.

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Make an Investment

Your gift will help ensure that nature connections at Pleasant Valley are accessible to visitors of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds for generations to come.

Campaign Expense Budget
PV All Persons Trail Expense Chart
  • Permitting, Design, and Construction – $228,170
    New 10x10-foot observation platform, 180-foot boardwalk, 975-foot surfaced trail, and 3 seating areas. Includes contingency.
  • Maintenance Endowment – $84,500
    Fund to support long-term upkeep and replacement costs.
  • Administrative Expense – $45,500
  • Visitor Services – $32,500
    Directional and tactile signage, audio tour, Braille guide, and accessible outdoor equipment to loan.

Ways to Give

  • By Phone: Call Stephanie Bergman at 413-728-4858.
  • By Mail: Make your check payable to Mass Audubon (with "APT expansion at Pleasant Valley" in the memo line) and send it to Mass Audubon, ATTN: Development Office, 208 S. Great Road, Lincoln, MA 01773.
  • To give from a Donor Advised Fund, IRA, or a gift of Stocks/Securities: Call Stephanie Bergman at 413-728-4858.

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