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Mass Audubon Bird-a-thon 2021 promo ad with illustrated birds

Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Mass Audubon's biggest annual fundraising event is back, and the West Sanctuaries Team is in it to win it! You can support Arcadia and Pleasant Valley by making a donation and/or joining our team to help us fundraise, spot birds, and collect points. Everyone is welcome!

Teacher naturalist Dale Abrams presenting a virtual BEL program with a live frog

Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Remote learning hasn't stopped our education team from connecting students to nature! Our in-school Berkshire Environmental Literacy (BEL) Program has had to adapt, but students and teachers are excited to have Mass Audubon educators in their virtual classroom.

Digiscope image of a Greater White-fronted Goose

Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Digiscoping is a great way to capture a fleeting nature moment without a fancy camera or a lens the size of your arm. With a little practice, you can achieve some awesome photos!

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