Published on October 5, 2022

Attleboro Environmental Master Plan Support

Looking up through the tree canopy at Attleboro Springs 750


To have Attleboro be in the top 1% Green Communities in the Commonwealth by 2035, where its leaders and residents make environmentally sustainable choices every day, even in the face of competing interests.


The mission is to create a long-range, strategic, and ambitious Environmental Master Plan (EMP) for the City of Attleboro and to encourage extensive, equitable, and inclusive community participation in its future evolution and execution. The EMP, which includes a compilation of actionable recommendations based on six core pillars of focus, provides a blueprint for sustainable and resilient growth.

You can help! By signing the petition, you let city officials know you support this important work!

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Visit the City’s website regarding the plan to find out more details and learn how it will benefit the city of Attleboro.

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