Wildlife & Land Conservation at Long Pasture

Native plant & bird garden at Long Pasture

Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary engages in and advocates for habitat conservation on Cape Cod by creating or restoring wetlands at schools, town-owned conservation land, and Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuaries. This work includes the Living Lab Wetland Project and Headstarting Eastern Spadefoot Toads.

Liner on the ground at Wetlands Professional Development Workshop

The goal of Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary’s Living Lab Wetland Project is to collaborate with students and teachers to design and build naturally appearing and functioning wetlands on school grounds for education and conservation.

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"Headstarted" Eastern Spadefoot Toad on a fingertip

The Eastern Spadefoot Toad was once widespread in coastal parts of Massachusetts. But nowadays it’s rarely seen. Long Pasture is working with partners to establish a viable population of spadefoots at Ashumet Holly Wildlife Sanctuary.

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