2022 Results

Four birders standing on a deck with a beach in the distance 750
© Davey Walters

The Results Are In!

Despite a week-long delay for a blizzard, and arctic conditions during the event, 12 teams of birders braved the cold on Saturday, February 5, 2022 and found bliss in the birds. The awards go to:

Lifer AwardAbbey Gamberdella of the Wrong Terns (23 new species!)

Sitting Duck Award, for most species in one spot: Twitchers Reunion Tour led by Becky Suomala

Newbies Award, for most points for a team with members 16 and under: Joppa Juncos led by Lisa Hutchings

Townie Award, for most points in one municipality: Twitchers Reunion Tour led by Becky Suomala

Fledgling Award, for a special list for youth: Aviantics led by Kara McAllister

Seekers Award for a special list of tough birds: Wrong Terns led by Isabel Rassmussen

Rockingham County Award, for most points in that county: Three Masked Boobies led by Eric Masterson

Essex County Award, for most points in that county: Pish Perfect led by Chip Darmtstadt

Dave Larson Award, for most species seen: Return of the Great Auks led by David Bates

Joppa Cup Award, for most points overall: Saw What? led by Strickland Wheelock