Superbowl of Birding — 2018 Results

The Results Are In!

January 27, 2018

Superbowl 2018 - Ornitheologian and Blue-Gray Passcatchers
Teams checking posted results at the end of the day
Superbowl 2018 Lifer Award recipient Ashlee Davidson
Lifer Award winner Ashlee (age 12) with her team captain

Joppa Flats is pleased to report another outstanding Superbowl of Birding. This year's event was held on January 27, with 22 teams and over 100 participants competing.

The Blue-Gray Passcatchers, captained by Vin Zollo, won the Zeiss Joppa Cup with a remarkable total of 184 points

All of the team names, point, and species totals are listed below.

The total number of species recorded by all teams this year was a very respectable 121, including one write-in species—clay-colored sparrow. 

Full Species List

Team Results (alphabetical)

Prize Winners




Team Name

Zeiss Joppa Cup 184 87 Blue-Gray Passcatchers
Director's Cup 152 80 Ornitheologians
Essex Co. Excels Award 150 75 Return of the Great Auks
Rockingham Co. Rocks Award 159 76 New Hampshire 4th & Longspurs
Parker River NWR Award 64 40 Pigeon Nuggets
Townie Award 109 60 Twitchers in the Rye
Seekers Award 113 28 Fly-By-Nights
Newbies Award 95 56 Hail Mary Passerines
Lifer Award (Ashlee Davidson with 22) 70 22 Ipswich River Robins

Results for All Teams

Team Name



1st Eider Downies 95 60
The Accidentals 80 52
Antioch Bird Club Walloping Woodcocks 159* 78
Blue-Gray Passcatchers  184 87
Blue-Winged Slackers 22 14
Buffalo Razorbills 139 69
Chocolate-Headed Cowbirds 92 55
Diabolical Nightjars 91 52
Fly-By-Nights 113 64
Glaucous Gals 85 53
Hail Mary Passerines 95 56
Incomplete Passerines 145 73
Ipswich River Robins 70 43
New Hampshire 4th & Longspurs 159* 76
Ornitheologians 152 80
Pigeon Nuggets 64 40
Return of the Great Auks 150 75
Saw-What 133 69
Team Tanager 169 79
Touch Downys 114 64
Twitchers in the Rye 109 60
Wicked Pishahs 135 73

*Tie resolved by number of 5-point birds.

We would like to thank our Lead Corporate Sponsor Zeiss for helping to make this event possible again this year. Birdwatcher's Supply and Gift, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Jim Fenton, Strickland Wheelock, and anonymous donors all supplied door prizes.

We would also like to thank our staff and volunteers who worked so hard on this event, especially those who parachuted in at the last minute, including the judges, verifiers, compilers, food prep folks, and staff who toiled indoors and all of the teams who toiled outdoors. We think everyone had a great time on a glorious day.