Electric Car Charging Station at Joppa Flats

Electric car charging station at Mass Audubon Joppa Flats Education Center

Drivers of electric cars on the North Shore can pull into Joppa Flats Education Center for a free "fill up" at the electric charging station in its parking lot, part of Mass Audubon’s growing commitment to energy conservation. 

Sanctuary Director Bill Gette said the nature center was chosen to showcase the station in large part because of Joppa Flats’ track record in promoting Mass Audubon’s sustainability goals. 

The charging station is powered by the sanctuary’s solar panels, so it helps that Joppa Flats is located within a large, mostly treeless salt marsh habitat. In times of continuous clear weather Joppa Flats can produce more electricity than it uses, which means there’s no cost in “re-fueling” electric cars.

Since the charging process takes a couple of hours, visitors can drive to Joppa Flats (tagged as a electric vehicle charging site on GPS), plug in, spend a couple of hours pursuing an activity or otherwise enjoying the education center, then drive home with a fully recharged vehicle.

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