Published on March 2, 2022

Nature Hero Highlight: Lorraine Hughes


We recently spoke to Lorraine Hughes about her experience volunteering at Felix Neck.

What motivated you to start volunteering?

I was an educator for many years until retiring to Martha’s Vineyard full time last year. My love of nature and learning were my big motivators for me to start volunteering at Felix Neck.

What has been your favorite aspect so far?

Felix Neck is a magical place. The staff here are amazing. They inspire me to learn more about nature. Alas, Felix Neck has given me a great sense of community.

Have you been learning anything new?

I’ve always enjoyed listening to birds. Now I am learning the names and the songs of many different birds that are here on the Island.

Have you experienced any challenges?

I think my biggest challenge so far has been operating the inter-office phone and The Shop’s cash register, they both use systems that I am not familiar with.

What would you tell someone who has been thinking about volunteering at Felix Neck but is feeling unsure?

Just do it! It’s a beautiful place to meet fun and caring people, while at the same time, you’re learning about the island’s diverse ecosystem.